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How did ancient women use contraception? gaining new knowledge!

Although ancient times seems to be less developed than the present technology, many people think that there are few contraceptives in ancient times. In fact, there are many contraceptive measures in ancient times, which will definitely open your eyes. It has to be said that ancient people still have their own unique methods of contraception. Let's have a look.

1. Artificial contraception

Do you think it's funny to see the word "artificial contraception"? In fact, it does exist. As we all know, the ancient emperors were all three thousand beauties in the rear palace, so what was the matter of his almsgiving? In fact, there were many maidservants waiting on the emperor's almsgiving. After the emperor and his concubines finished their almsgiving, the general manager would ask the Emperor: 'stay or not?' if the emperor said: 'don't stay. 'then the Steward will gently massage or pick on the back femoral acupoint of the concubine to make the semen flow out completely.

2. Use 'shit' for contraception

The "excrement" here is not the common people's rice field common people, but it is the excrement of crocodiles, elephants and other animals that were found to have contraceptive effect by the ancients more than 3000 years ago. Today's technology has proved that there is a certain rationality, because this' excrement 'is highly acidic, it can play a role in spermicidal. But I have to say something out of the question: how can such a smelly thing make the ancient people do housing well.

3. Casing contraception

Casings are very similar to the most widely used condoms, but they are mainly made of animal intestines, mainly sheep intestines, pig bladder and fish blisters. Its comfort is also conceivable! At the same time, with a smell of blood and fish smell of the 'condom' do the things of the ancients do not feel sick?

4. Mercury contraception

Mercury is highly toxic, as we know. But in ancient times, people used silver and water for contraception, but the amount was very small, because a small amount of mercury might not be so easy to kill people. You know, there were many brothels in ancient times. How did those prostitutes prevent themselves from becoming pregnant? It turns out that brothel procuress often put a small amount of mercury into the tea or other food that prostitutes drank. It is said that this effect is very good.

5. Saffron contraception

There are also folk records. It is said that saffron is a secret recipe from the court. If the emperor doesn't want to see any concubines, he will ask the eunuch to hang the woman upside down, wash her lower body with saffron, clean the semen in her body, and avoid being shot. Others said that when the emperor came to the concubine, the eunuch would massage the woman to make sure that the semen would not stay in the woman's body, so as to have the effect of contraception.

6. Musk contraception

In addition, there is also a way to put musk into the navel of prostitutes for contraception. For example, Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede, two sisters of China's "beauty and disaster", took this measure. Of course, they can't call them prostitutes, but they have the same way. The magic 'Navel patch' has long been lost.

Besides, I remember the plot of a movie played by Gong Li: a prostitute drinks a kind of soup medicine (not Mengpo soup) before receiving guests. It's said that she won't be pregnant after drinking it. Of course, it's impossible to verify the composition and effectiveness of the medicine.

Ancient Greeks used alum, wine, sea water, mixed Fen soap or vinegar to wash their lower bodies, which also achieved the purpose of contraception.

There are no drugs and tools, the ancient men and women combined, immediately squat down, sneeze hard, jump up and down to exclude semen.

The condom used by modern people, the external emergency contraceptive and the birth control ring are all the experiences of ancient people. There is no doubt about the wisdom of ancient people.

After reading the above contraceptive methods of ancient people, do you deeply feel the beauty of living in the modern world? A contraceptive is going to kill people. Women in particular. Therefore, women should know how to keep clean and self-respect, and keep away from the pain of pregnancy.