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Why does Xu Xian, the legend of new white lady, want to play with women?

is the classic TV play "the legend of the new white lady" your favorite TV play when you were a child? But Xu Xian's actor is a girl, so why did you choose Ye Tong to play Xu Xian at the beginning? Why did the director use a woman to disguise as a man? Let's find out why.

According to Taiwan media reports, the classic TV series "the legend of the new white lady" still haunts many viewers. Zhao Yazhi and Ye Tong performed the theme song "one thousand years and so on" in the 2018 Spring Festival Gala, which made many fans very happy. With the discussion of Du Huiwen, she was interviewed in "art life" in 2004 and asked why "Xu Xian" dressed as a woman and a man "the eternal riddle". The relevant solutions have also been turned out and discussed recently.

In art life, Zhao Yazhi once answered this question by himself when he was interviewed by Zhu Jun, the host, and asked Ye Tong to play it, just to highlight "Xu Xian". He was indecisive in everything, and often caused trouble to his wife, cowardly and incompetent who needed his wife's protection everywhere. She also said with a smile that in fact, such an arrangement is more natural because it's not awkward to make intimate scenes, and the second 'No gossip'.

It is reported that Xia Zuhui, the director, also said that in fact, many actors had been auditioned at that time, but none of them could get Xu Xian's scholarly sense of "gentle and slightly pedantic". Later, he thought about it for a second, and simply went to find an actress to play a cross role. He also revealed that Xu Xian's first choice was Lin Qingxia, who played the role of "invincible in the East". However, due to his high salary and limited budget, he had to give up. Just in time, Ye Tong also played a man's role in the TV play "blue sea and sky", which was pretty and consistent with the role image, so he finally took Xu Xian's part.

It's said that in fact, Ye Tong took over Xu Xian. On the one hand, he also wanted to make a breakthrough in acting skills, just facing the transformation problem. All kinds of coincidence made her make up her mind. Later, she really climbed to the new peak of her career because of the play, but also because she was too impressive. In 1994, she starred in the TV series "the story of killing the Dragon by relying on the sky" and played the heroine Zhao Min, which once made many audiences difficult to adapt.

On the other hand, Xia Zuhui, the director, and Gong min, the screenwriter, both have a deep background in Huangmei Opera and film production, and it's not surprising that the drama has a strong style, so it's not surprising to find an actress to play the leading role. "White lady" was starred by Zhao Yazhi and Ye Tong in 1992. Both their appearance and interaction are as real as jumping from the story to real life. It is still a classic hard to surpass in the minds of many fans on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.