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Why do you have to marry me? What do you mean by the letters on the inside page of the marriage cert

Four seas network news, 'there is a row of letters under the marriage certificate, what's the meaning?' recently, a netizen asked about a string of English letters printed at the bottom of the marriage certificate's inner page on the social platform. What's the meaning of the string of letters' mzhbjzh '? A netizen gave a serious answer:' why do girls need to marry this goods'. This answer comes with "smile" fruit, and it is also a netizen's "divine reply", which quickly becomes a hot spot on the Internet.

The cover reporter consulted the relevant personnel of the Civil Affairs Bureau, obviously this was a netizen who joked about the marriage certificate.

"God reply" has also attracted a lot of brain holes on the Internet these two days. In addition to "marry this product", it also means "why do you need to change urgently" and "why do you need to get married?" and so on.

Netizens have big brain holes.

A staff member surnamed Huang from the Social Affairs Office of the Civil Affairs Department of Sichuan Province said that the real meaning of "mzhbjzh" on the marriage certificate must not be what netizens said. The marriage certificate is a national legal certificate and must be very serious. There is no clear record about this string of letters in the Civil Affairs Bureau. The person who originally designed the marriage certificate page has also left. The real meaning is actually "people (m) government (zh) department (b) supervision (J) system (zh).". Of course, this answer is not as fun as the netizen said.