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The man keeps the perfect pet, the big rhinoceros, the cockroach, the baby, the curious flower

when it comes to cockroaches, many people hate them. These little things not only pollute food, but also spread disease through feeding and activities. However, a cockroach in Australia has become a popular pet. Is it very creepy to face such a giant every day? But some people enjoy it.

Damien Sallustio, an Australian man, recently shared a video of his three cockroach pets crawling on his hands on YouTube. The whole picture was creepy, but he called it the 'best pet'.

It is reported that this kind of cockroach, named rhinoceros cockroach, originated in Queensland, Australia, is the largest cockroach in the world. Adult cockroaches can grow up to about 8cm, almost as big as children's hands, weigh up to 30g, and live for more than 10 years. They are good at digging. They can dig holes up to 1 meter deep in the soil.

In an interview, Damien said: 'these cockroaches are perfect pets. They don't bite or fly. You just have to clean the box once a week. It's very simple to raise. With the help of parents, children can easily raise one. "Later, he also reminded friends who were preparing to start rhinoceros and cockroaches as pets," they need sand to dig holes and only eat dry leaves. Special care should also be taken in breeding, because female rhinoceros cockroaches can have more than 30 cockroach babies at a time. '