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Today's headline changed name byte beat why is the headline changed name today?

Today's headline is believed to be an app that many people will download on their mobile phones. It seems that the app will start to change its name in the future! What's your opinion? According to some media reports, today's headline will be changed to bytedance, which is the abbreviation of bytedance used at the company level and on official occasions. "We haven't changed our name. We've always called bytecode," the official said in response to the Beijing News. Today's headlines are just a bytecode product. '

The above byte skipping official explained that since the company was founded, it has been called byte skipping. Today's headlines are products with relatively high user recognition. Therefore, in many non-public occasions, employees of the company will call themselves "today's headlines". As time goes by, it has become a habit. But the official company name has always been "byte skipping". In formal occasions, it should also be "byte skipping" 。

The reporter inquired the industrial and commercial registration information and found that "today's headlines" as the product name belongs to Beijing byte beat Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing byte beat"), which was founded in March 2012, with the legal representative of Zhang Lidong. Previously, it was publicly reported as the senior vice president of the company. Beijing byte beat is a wholly-owned subsidiary of byte beat Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as byte beat), which was established in May 2016. The legal representative is still Zhang Lidong, and the shareholders of byte beat are Zhang Yiming, the founder and CEO, and ye Weiwei, the natural person. They hold 98.81% and 1.19% shares respectively.

In fact, byteku is not a headline product today. Its earliest product is the content segment of humor information aggregation platform. Later, there are also volcano video, watermelon video, buffeting and other products. Overseas, it also acquired, news Republic, etc., a music short video platform. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish today's headlines from byte skipping. However, the outside world speculated that deliberately emphasizing the difference between names at this time, or with the recent regulatory rectification of its content, leading to the influence of today's headline brand.

In earlier reports today, the source of today's headline rename came from its internal letter. A number of people close to today's headlines told the Beijing news that they had not received any internal letter. The only relevant message appeared on the company's internal instant messaging software lark, and said that the company name that emphasizes byte beating at this time was chosen because 'there are many influential products in the world'.

On the same day, at the first digital China Construction Summit, Zhang Yiming's official title was "founder and CEO of byte beat". Earlier (April 19), Zhang Nan, the general manager of qiaoyin, changed her name to Zhang Nan, the president of qiaoyin. The change of appellation may also mean that the business lines and the distribution of rights and responsibilities in today's headlines are further clear.