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How to judge whether the pineapple is ripe? How can pineapple ripen when it's not ripe?

Pineapple is a warm fruit, also known as a flat fruit. It grows in the hot and humid tropics, and it is a kind of fruit that many people like very much. So how do you know how to judge the ripeness of pineapple? What do you think about judging the ripeness of pineapple? Let's take a look at it with the editor.

1. Appearance judgment

First of all, the shell of pineapple honey should be complete and look fresh. There is no broken skin. The fruit is large in size. When the skin is rubbed, the protruding lump on the shell can be brittle and hard, can be easily broken, and there is no white juice. The sound of beating pineapple honey is turbid. Then it is ripe fruit. The skin of immature pineapple honey is usually green, and it will turn yellow after ripening When pressing, you can feel some softness and elasticity, and then judge whether it is mature by smelling.

2. Smell judgment

After pineapple ripens, its fragrance can't be covered. It may be all over the house. In order to avoid over ripening of pineapple, when pineapple begins to send out fragrance, it is basically mature. When you judge that pineapple is mature by its appearance, you can smell it again. If there is a fragrant fragrance, you can cut it open and check it. If pineapple is mature, you can even leave it You can smell it far away.

3. Cut and check

If the unripe pineapple honey is cut, it is difficult to put it into ripeness. It is not only easy to rot, but also the unripe pulp has no taste or even astringent taste, so it is better to be patient. First judge that the pineapple honey is mature and then cut it. If the fruit is golden, it can be eaten. If the fruit is not golden, it needs to be ripened.

4. Ripening method

If the above conditions are not available, that is to say, the pineapple honey is not ripe or well done, then it can be dried in the sun for a day, and it can be dried in the sun for several hours. If there is no good weather, you can use the heater to blow the constant temperature for a few hours, whether it is in the sun or in the hot wind, you need to turn it over frequently, and then wrap it with newspapers, towels, and thin quilts, and put it in the sun In a cool and dry place, check it in two days. When it meets the requirements of maturity, it can be cut. Generally, it is no problem to put the complete pineapple honey on for a week. If it is not eaten after cutting, it can be covered with a fresh-keeping film. If it is put in a dry place, it can be continued to eat the next day.