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A 12-year-old girl with complete blindness in the right eye

Recently, a staff member of Ningbo Judicial Bureau lamented a tragedy. What's the matter with 12-year-old daughter's blindness? It's a very happy thing to have a pet, but it leads to accidental blindness. It's so sad!

The girl and the dog are inseparable, which makes her right eye blind

Jiajia, a 12-year-old girl (not her real name), was led by her father into Ningbo Chenghe judicial identification office a few days ago.

Dad proposed that Jiajia's right eye should be identified for disability. The middle-aged man said heavily: 'the child's right eye is completely invisible and the pupil is deformed. '

On one side, Jiajia's face is hung with a childish smile, which is heartbreaking.

Jiajia had normal vision. What destroyed the 12-year-old girl's beauty?

Jiajia's father talked about the past.

Jiajia has been fond of small animals since she was a child. Because she likes small animals very much, she has a cat and a dog at home.

Jiajia can be said to be inseparable from kittens and dogs every day when they are good friends.

One day four years ago, grandma suddenly found that Jiajia had some abnormalities in her right eye -- her eyes were always squinting outward.

Because of the squint of the eyes, the whole person looked at it stupidly.

After discovering this situation, the family was scared to take Jiajia to the hospital. After a professional vision test, it was found that Jiajia's right eye vision was so poor that she could only see the fingers in front of her eyes.

Since the birth of the child, her eyesight has always been good. She usually doesn't watch TV or computer very much. How did her eyesight plummet? After seeing doctors in Ningbo and Shanghai, doctors finally determined that Jiajia had "right eye toxocariasis", which needs medication and surgery if necessary.

Unfortunately, the long road of treatment in the next few years did not bring any good news to Jiajia. Because of the late discovery, the larva has damaged the right retina, causing irreversible damage. Even after the late surgical treatment, doctors can only barely keep Jiajia's eyeballs, not to eye atrophy and collapse, affecting appearance.

Experts from Ningbo Chenghe Judicial Appraisal Institute conducted a comprehensive examination on Jiajia, reviewed the relevant medical history, and determined the fact that Jiajia's right eye vision is completely lost and has no light sense at present, which also conforms to the characteristics of vision disorder caused by 'toxocariasis canis'. Therefore, the grade of disability is seven.

'after the disability identification, although the insurance compensation can relieve the pain caused by the injury to a certain extent, it cannot make up for Jiajia's future life at all. "The staff of the identification Institute said that the blind right eye will accompany Jiajia's life. For Jiajia's parents, it will also be a lifetime of pain. Over the years, they have been covered with grief and guilt.

80% of patients are children under 16 years old

For Ascaris, many people think that it will only lead to tummy. How can Ascaris get into the eyes? The reporter interviewed the expert of Ningbo Chenghe judicial identification Institute.

Toxocara canis is a common parasite in the intestines of dogs and cats. After human contact, the eggs will hatch into larvae in the intestine of human body, and the larvae will transfer from the intestine into the blood to the liver, heart, lung, brain, eye and peripheral circulation. "Experts especially mentioned that it should be noted that children are relatively easy to be infected with toxocariasis in the same environment, while adults are rarely infected.

It turns out that when the eggs are discharged with the faeces of cats and dogs, they will pollute the areas where children may play, including the ground, bunkers, shoes, toys, etc. Children like to eat everything. Once the eggs are swallowed, they will hatch into larvae in the gut. Children often put their hands in their mouths and don't like to wash their hands, so the possibility of infection is also high.

In adults, toxocariasis is also caused by raw meat, liver or soil eating habits.

According to statistics, 80% of the patients with toxocariasis are children under 16 years old.

Experts say that when the Ascaris larva reaches a vessel smaller than its body, it can enter its organ through the wall of the tube. Because the blood vessels in the eyes are smaller than the body of the larva, the larva can penetrate the blood vessels and invade the eyes.

What consequence can eye dog bow Ascaris disease cause?

According to reports, Toxocara canis can directly damage the eye structures such as lens, vitreous, retina, choroid, etc., and can also induce inflammation, leading to amblyopia, even blindness, eye atrophy, degeneration and whitening of black eyes, etc. According to the degree of destruction of infection, the timing of treatment and the response to treatment, the outcome is very different. In the case, Jiajia delayed the treatment because of the untimely discovery.

Wash hands in time after touching dogs and cats

How to know if a child is infected with toxocariasis canis?

According to reports, the early manifestations of toxocariasis in dogs are red eyes, pain in eyes and decreased vision.

However, due to the limited expression ability of the child or the normal vision of the other eye, it can not be found in time. When we found it, we often had deviation of eye position and abnormal reflection of pupil. At this time, the disease has progressed for many years. Even if the operation is performed, the prognosis is relatively poor.

Most cases can be confirmed by ophthalmic examination and examination of serum antibody and blood cell composition.

In addition, larva migration may also cause fever, cough, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and so on.

Then how to prevent toxocariasis?

Experts remind that small animals such as cats and dogs, as well as sand pits and soil in public places, may carry Ascaris eggs. As a parent, children should be taught to wash their hands in time after playing and touching cats and dogs, and do not put things or dirty hands on the ground into their mouths.

If you have a pet at home, in addition to regular insect repellent treatment, if the child has red eye pain, fear of light and vision decline, do not deal with it by yourself, and should be treated in a timely manner.