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What is the social person of piggy page? Why is piggy page so hot?

'piggy page's tattoo, give applause to social people!' this slogan is familiar to the post-95 generation. But in the impression of many people, pig page is just a cartoon suitable for children to watch. Why is it so popular? What's the root of piggy page?

Let's see how hot piggy page is!

Taobao had tens of thousands of transactions on page's watch, and even sold out at one time:

We can see that there are three key words in the description of the watch: the same type of shaking sound, tattoo stickers and social people.

Looking at the tremolo, 25000 people participated in the challenge of "page piggy", and the short videos about page stickers and watches won millions of praises.

Douban score 9.2: good user experience and high praise rate;

Annual broadcast volume 10 billion times (domestic): it means that the user scale is large and the outbreak period is short;

Revenue of 7 billion (global) in 2016: it means that the cash flow model is mature and the gold absorption capacity is good;

Estimated revenue in 2020 is 12 billion (global): it indicates that the IP has strong sustainable vitality and good prospects.

Piggy page, why can fire?

1. Short video time

The average time of the video of "pig page" episode is 5 minutes. The video time is short and the plot is simple. It is very suitable for short video social platforms such as fast hand and microblog at this stage.

2. Expression bag

After 95, the most indispensable thing for young people to chat is the expression pack. Piggy page's style is very simple, the expression theme is clear at a glance, and the pictures without content can be matched with words covering different emotions, which is highly malleable. And the existing animation provides a large number of materials for the production of expression packs, and various modifications and words reduce the threshold of the production of expression packs.

3. Parents' complaint

Many parents accuse their children on Douban of learning pig cry after watching piggy page and jumping around at home. And the complaint also made some readers who had not been exposed to the cartoon go to find out, and they never came out of piggy page's pit.

4. Big V marketing hype

I don't know if it's the intention of the copyright owner to sell or the infectivity of piggy page is too strong. Since last year, piggy page's popularity has never gone down. From the beginning, big V 'leisure Lu' invented the topic of "pig girl", making pig page officially enter the vision of young people. Later, the video of pig page broke out in ghost livestock area of station B; brother fruit studio, a professional producer of dialect online video, contributed Chongqing version of pig page to station B, which triggered another wave of pig page. Netizens also made Cantonese, Sichuan, northeast, Anhui, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Chaozhou, Changsha Fuzhou dialect, Hainan dialect, Henan dialect, Hebei dialect and so on.

In addition, the big V and the marketing number also give copywriting guidance to the segment of piggy page. The first thing that caught fire, that is, the "whistle" segment, was originally just a plain and funny animation for children, but with the words "cunning bitch", "green tea bitch" and "plastic sister flower", which attracted the attention of gossip, it caused emotional and emotional changes when it was spread.

5. Various joint funds

When the popularity of piggy page reached a certain degree, it also began to produce the peripheral products of piggy page, such as tattoo stickers, toys, schoolbags, watches, etc., each one of which is a hit. Piggy page has also made joint ventures in the clothing industry, such as Nike, UNIQLO, etc. some people in foreign countries deliberately spoof piggy page and some luxury brands and fashion brands, and put this pink piggy into their logo, which is very fun and attracts a lot of attention.

Why can piggy page become a symbol of social man?

In fact, this stem originated from an MC on the fast hand. The phrase "pig page's tattoo, applause to the social people" led to the spread of pig page on the fast hand. In fact, there were not so many admirers at the beginning of the spread, and the real popularity was that someone drew pig page on the back.

In many young people's cognition, "social person" often represents tattoo, big watch, gold chain and so on, and can win "superficial respect". In tremolo, imitating 'social people' in an exaggerated way has become a special way to attract attention. Of course, it's too expensive to get a tattoo and buy a big watch. But it's a more convenient way to have a tattoo and a big watch in a joking way.

Piggy page's stickers and watches have just become substitutes, so many people use page's tattoo stickers and watches to forcibly pretend to be 'social people', instead, they have achieved the effect of anti sprouting, which makes young people feel very interesting and fun. This, too, has evolved piggy page into a social human label.

The social person label is also a kind of social label. The young people after the 95th generation pursue personality and like to express themselves, and this social person label also just let these young people release themselves.

So, piggy page's domestic fire can be summed up as follows: first, use various platforms to lay a good foundation for children and parents, then rely on short videos and social platforms to attract young people's attention, and then use various peripheral products and young people's social tags to achieve detonation.