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Buy second-hand housing accumulation fund loan how many years at most? Loan term of second-hand hous

Provident fund loans are now the first choice for many people to buy houses. Buying second-hand houses and using public loans are more common. Then buy second-hand housing with provident fund, how many years can I borrow at most? Let's take a look with Xiaobian. For those who want to buy second-hand houses, you can have a look.

Handling conditions

1. House: not brick concrete structure. Generally speaking, "brick and concrete structure" houses appeared in the early 1990s; if you buy a second-hand house with a relatively short age, there is no such worry.

2. Applicant: pay accumulation fund continuously for more than 6 months. The applicant's housing accumulation fund account should be in normal condition and have been continuously deposited for more than 6 months. This means that from the time you apply for a loan, you need to pay the provident fund for six months instead of interruption. It is worth noting that after the interruption of provident fund, individuals are unable to make up for it.

3. Personal credit. If you have multiple overdue credit card or overdue loan records, it will directly affect the application of personal loan.

loan limit

The second-hand housing loan bank adopts the principle of obtaining the contract price and the evaluation price when lending, taking the low value between the two times the loan percentage, which is the high loan amount of the real estate.

1. The loan amount of second-hand house shall not exceed 70% of the total house price.

2. There is a big difference between the amount of highly available loans between the employees who pay the provident fund on one side and the employees who pay the provident fund on both sides of the husband and wife. However, whether the loan can reach a high limit is not only related to the evaluation of the real estate, but also related to the payment base of the personal accumulation fund and the real income.

3. The loan amount of the borrower's husband and wife shall be calculated according to the loanable formula: the loanable formula is: the loan employee's monthly contribution to the provident fund & divide; the loan employee's contribution to the provident fund & times; the coefficient of repayment ability & times; 12 & times; the actual loanable period (calculated according to the formula, take the way of thousands of digits, rounded to 10000 yuan)

4. The amount of second-hand housing provident fund loan is related to the housing age. In most areas, 70% of the loans are high if the housing age is less than 10 years, and 60% of the loans are high if the housing age is 10-20 years. More than 20 years of second-hand housing is difficult to obtain loans.

Land use period, housing age, borrower's age

The service life of the land is calculated from the time when the developer takes the land;

The house age is calculated from the date when the house is completed and accepted and delivered for use;

In addition, whether it is a second-hand house or a new house, as long as it involves housing loans, it is related to the age of the buyer. Generally, the loan period + the age of the lender is less than 70.

Tips for buying a house

1. The examination of the provident fund loan is based on the family; if the husband and wife have the record of the provident fund loan, the second time they use the provident fund loan, the loan interest rate will increase accordingly;

2. When applying for the provident fund loan, if the husband and wife have commercial loans that have not been paid off, the requirements for income certification will be correspondingly increased;

3. If the room age is too old, it is recommended to consult more banks.