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Electronic identity card to electronic identity card in which cities trial?

You may never have to worry about forgetting your ID card again. Now the state officially launched the electronic ID card. You don't need to worry about forgetting to bring your ID card when you are on a business trip. Let's take a look.

In April 17th, based on the identity card, the 'ID card online function credential', which was certified by the Internet + 'trusted identity authentication platform (CTID platform),' appeared in Alipay, and was launched simultaneously in three cities in Quzhou, Hangzhou and Fuzhou.

You can get it through Alipay.

In the business hall of Quzhou, Zhejiang, Chiang Kai Shek became the first person to taste the "net card" in Alipay. She completed the certification of brush face and other related certifications. It proved that it was very convenient for me to get her own network card, and completed a series of business such as provident fund social security inquiry and so on. 'it's like an electronic ID card, it's so convenient,' Ms. Jiang said. '

In Fuzhou north bus station and Ruiwo smart hotel under Ruiwo technology, Ms. Zhang, a Fuzhou passenger, and Mr. Wu, a Hangzhou citizen, also completed the purchase of bus tickets and hotel check-in registration with the online certificate.

It is reported that this is the first pilot city of Quzhou, Hangzhou and Fuzhou. The three places respectively selected three common life scenes, namely, government affairs, hotel check-in and car ticket purchase, for the pilot. It is estimated that 4 million people will have the opportunity to experience this convenient service in one year.

Net card collection is very convenient, open Alipay 'card pack → certificate', according to the prompt to finish 'brush face' and other related identity authentication, prove that I can have my own network card, when using, you can open the network card two-dimensional code, through sweep up to prove his identity.

I'm not afraid of security if I lose my cell phone

What is the safety of the network card? What can I do if I lose my cell phone? Can anyone else use my network card? For the most concerned problem, Alipay said, even if the mobile phone is lost, the possibility of using the Internet card is also very little. Because when using the network card, the user needs to verify it by fingerprint or brush face, which proves that I can enter the network card page, which is not enough, and it is not enough to open the two-dimensional code. And then brush the face again.

In other words, even if the phone is lost, others want to use your Internet card, you must first open your Alipay through the phone password + Alipay login password, and then through the "fingerprint verification + brush face verification" open the network card two-dimensional code, a total of four. The accuracy of Alipay's face recognition technology has reached 99.99%, and the possibility of being used is very low.

Huang Zhongjing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and deputy director of Quzhou Public Security Bureau, thinks that 'online card can not replace entity ID card, but because it is easy to keep, easy to carry and multiple password guarantee, the use of online card is very safe, in fact, it can greatly reduce the probability of loss of certificate and the possibility of being used by others. '

'Internet + government' upgrade proves that I am entering the new stage.

In this year's government work report, we propose that we will further promote the "Internet + government services", so that more matters can be handled online. We must strive to achieve "one door only" and "one run at most" at the scene. The "identity card network card" is a new exploration in the Internet + police service aspect, so that I can prove "I am I" into a new stage.

'this can give people a wide range of choices. Even if they forget to bring their ID card, they can use the Internet card to do things without running errands. For enterprises and institutions, it also simplifies the supporting materials and improves the service efficiency. "Said Tang Feifan, deputy secretary of Quzhou municipal Party committee and mayor. Mayor Tang said that in Quzhou, not only the office hall, but also online certificates can be used in more places to facilitate the people.

Zou Liang, vice president of ant gold clothing, said that electronic documents have become an industry trend. Before that, many cities and Alipay cooperate to launch electronic social security cards, electronic residence permits, electronic driving licenses, electronic driving licenses, electronic business licenses and other electronic documents. "This pilot project shows that the network certificate is reproducible. If the user feedback is good, we are willing to work with more government agencies and partners to serve more urban people. '