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How to peel fresh bamboo shoots? How to choose fresh shoots?

Bamboo shoots not only taste crisp and sweet, but also have high health preservation value. They can dissipate phlegm, heat and nourish the stomach. If you often eat them, they are very good for your health. How can you peel the fresh shoots quickly? What are the peeling methods for the fresh shoots? Let's have a look.

How to peel fresh bamboo shoots

Peeling method 1:

1. Prepare a bamboo shoot and a knife.

2. Use a knife to cut the bamboo shoots. It is recommended to use a sharp knife because it is necessary to cut the skin of multiple layers of bamboo shoots at one time.

3. After drawing, you can peel directly along this line.

4. After this treatment, the bamboo shoot skin can be peeled off completely at one time, which is very convenient.

Method 2 of bamboo shoot peeling:

1. First cut off the tail of the bamboo shoot with a knife.

2. Hold the bamboo shoot in the left hand (the big head is on the top), and hold the knife in the right hand to cut the skin of the bamboo shoot from top to bottom.

3. Put down the knife, and break the two sides with both hands along the slit. The bamboo shoot skin will be taken off at one time, instead of peeling one layer at a time.

How to choose fresh bamboo shoots

1. Look at the shell of the bamboo shoot. The shell of bamboo shoot is usually bright yellow, because the soil layer is not fully grown or the shell of bamboo shoot just grows is usually yellow, and the meat of bamboo shoot is particularly fresh and tender. The root is yellowish white, the middle to the tip is brownish yellow and glossy, which is a relatively fresh shoot. If it's dark brown from the middle to the tip, the freshness will be much worse.

Second, look at the bamboo shoots. The whiter the color of the bamboo shoot meat is, the crisper it is. The yellow one is the second, the green one is the worse.

3. Watch the bamboo shoot Festival. The closer the nodes are, the more tender the meat will be. The fruit shoots are very open, the shoots are very long, and the roots are scratched, so the shoots will be old and not easy to bite, and the inside may be damaged.

4. Look at the bamboo shoots. The shoots with big stump and small tail have more shell and less shell, and the taste is especially crisp, sweet and tender. In addition, don't buy too large bamboo shoots. It's best to not exceed 30 cm from the root to the tip. The bamboo shoot is too big, the root fiber will become thick and aging. When cooking, the root of the bamboo shoot must be cut off to use, and the taste of the bamboo shoot is not good. The body shape of high-quality spring bamboo shoots is chubby, the leaves of the shoots are large, and the whole shoot is slightly curved. If the volume of the bamboo shoot is thin, long and straight, it is a poor old bamboo shoot.

5. Touch by hand. Finally, you can touch it with your hands to see if it's very wet. If it's too wet, it may have started to deteriorate. If you peel off the bamboo shoots, they are wet, green, and the texture looks like they are ripe. That's a sign of the beginning of deterioration. Try not to eat them.

Look at the bud. Shoot tip out of the bud color to white with yellow, this is a high-quality shoot. If the color of the bud is green, it's a poor old bamboo shoot.

Look at the roots. If the white bead like protrusion appears around the root of the spring bamboo shoot, it is Wenzhou People's commonly known as "white bamboo shoot", which tastes better. If the bead like protrusion turns black, then this spring bamboo shoot is of poor quality.