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Hurry to lose weight, almost paraplegia, lose weight after childbirth, don't rush to success

It's going to be summer soon. For many people, is it for the sake of not being sad in May, June, July and August? It's not a girl who is determined to lose weight, but this "fat" can not be reduced at will. If the method is not right, it may bring fatal harm to their body. Let's have a look.

Miss Wang of Haining is eager to lose weight, almost paralyzed!

Improper weight loss and massage after childbirth lead to spinal cord injury

Ms. Wang of Haining has just had a baby for more than a year. She used to be very thin and has a little bit of weight on her body.

Aimei is eager to restore her pre natal figure, so through diet, exercise, Chinese herbal fumigation and other methods, she lost weight in just two months, even thinner than before she had a baby.

? because of cervical spondylosis, Ms. Wang also likes to go to a private spa for massage. She feels that she has backache after going to work every day. She feels very comfortable after having a technician massage.

Results after pressing the button this time, Ms. Wang felt that her neck pain was getting worse and worse, and her limbs were numb and her hands and feet were not moving easily.

The family hurriedly sent Ms. Wang to Haining people's Hospital for treatment. Only after investigation, it was found that there was a blood vessel rupture beside the spinal cord, which caused the compression and edema of the spinal cord and progressive spinal cord injury.

Because the disease is critical, not only limbs are unable to move, and even the defecation can not be solved by itself.

After that, she went to Zhejiang No.2 Hospital, and later returned to Haining people's Hospital for rehabilitation training. After more than two months, Ms. Wang finally recovered and was able to walk and live a normal life.

According to Pu Xiaoxia, director of Rehabilitation Department of a hospital in Haining City, spinal cord injury, which is often referred to as paraplegia by the common people, is mostly caused by spinal fracture, dislocation or instability of the spine itself. Clinically, it is often seen in traffic accident injury or falling from a high place. This kind of hemorrhagic spinal cord injury caused by entering places such as blind massage and women's spa, which do not have medical qualification, has also been in the past But it is rare in clinic.

Pu Xiaoxia pointed out that Ms. Wang's illness, of course, is directly related to the rough massage technique itself, but also related to her previous efforts to lose weight.

Improper weight loss may affect spine stability

Pu Xiaoxia said that if the spine is the load-bearing beam of the human body, then the muscles beside the spine are the cables to help the beam lose weight. Because of the share of muscles, our spine can maintain normal physiological curvature and function. If in order to reduce weight, but not to enhance muscle strength, then the weight of the spine will significantly increase, affecting the stability of the spine.

For the common diseases such as cervical spondylosis, Director Pu suggested that we can try to use the passive traction and active movement of the neck muscles to relieve them. For example, the most popular meter exercise on the Internet is also a way of neck training. At the same time, physical therapy such as medium frequency electric stimulation and wax application is also a method of early conservative treatment. Muscle relaxants and non steroids are also used in medicine, It can be said that there is a lot of choice.

Scientific weight loss

As for weight loss, we must not be blind, nor eager for quick success and instant benefit. Only by scientific weight loss can we get healthy.

Establish a scientific diet plan: many people will complain that they can't lose weight if they don't eat very much. It's still such an important breakfast. It seems like a joke contains a lot of scientific truth.

Insist on breakfast as the main thing: breakfast should not only be full but also be good. How to match the nutrition of breakfast is particularly important. Nowadays, there are many young people who don't eat breakfast. They just need to sleep in bed for a little time. This habit must be corrected in time. After getting up in the morning, first drink a cup of honey water. If you have enough time, you can cook a porridge, eat an egg, and enjoy your favorite fruit. This is as you like. If you don't have time, go to the breakfast shop to buy a cup of soymilk and fried bread. They are all good choices. The spirit of a good day's breakfast is great.

Reduce the number of dinners properly: compared with breakfast, lunch and dinner can be slightly simpler. Just remember not to overeat dinner here. Nowadays, people like to eat plenty of dinner. Hot pot is a kind of high calorie food. It's better to eat less at night.

Make a reasonable fitness plan: it's not enough to lose weight just by controlling diet. With some exercise, it will achieve good results. After dinner, go out for a walk. It's a good choice to do a certain amount of exercise and jog. When the weather is bad, you can also choose some indoor sports.

In short, if you want to lose weight, you need not only a reasonable plan, but also a persistent heart to achieve the desired results.