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What are the precautions for new house decoration? Don't neglect the details of the new house decora

The new house is the beginning of a couple's life together, so we must not neglect the decoration of the new house. Although many people are busy with their work, they should not be careless when decorating the house. What are the precautions for the decoration of the new house?

What should we pay attention to in the decoration of new houses

Precautions for new house decoration I

To purchase wall coating, environmental protection wall coating should be selected. General environment-friendly and healthy wall paint brands, such as bangpai paint, Nippon Paint, Lily color paint, Dulux, qianse dragon paint, etc., will fully pass IS09001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, 3C mark certification, China environmental protection product certification, China environmental standard product certification, so as to ensure that the most healthy products can be used to feed back the healthy life of the whole people!

Precautions for new house decoration II

Insulating tape and raw material tape should not be purchased directly from a small shop. The quality of a large supermarket is obviously much better, and the quantity is sufficient. In this way, it is more affordable.

Precautions for new house decoration III

When installing the door lock, be sure to put some wax on the lock tongue. If you wax the door lock after it's broken, it's too late. In the case of no door stopper, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the door handle will be damaged due to hitting the wall.

Precautions for new house decoration IV

Do not skip the installation of leakage protector and air switch junction box. At the same time, do not install it outdoors. Installation in the interior will not affect the overall decoration effect, and it is very convenient to use.

Precautions for new house decoration

If the furniture of new house is the word that buys finished product furniture, so also can get good adornment effect. However, if it is to consider customization, it is necessary to carefully consider such issues as design, wood painting and so on.

1. The detailed construction method and material brand shall be indicated on the construction drawing. As an annex to the contract, the more detailed the better, the easier the project progress. Specify the detailed payment method, and it is better not to make one-time payment. Payment shall be made in several stages, including material mobilization acceptance, medium-term acceptance, preliminary acceptance, completion acceptance, cleaning and site clearing. In order to prevent the decoration company from withdrawing in the middle of the process, the owner will not suffer from economic losses if he asks to leave the unqualified company at any time. The standards for more than half of the project are: the end of woodwork production, the end of wall leveling, the end of floor tile ceiling of kitchen and bathroom walls, and the end of water and electricity transformation. Check the name, material, quantity, practice, unit price and total price of the items listed in the quotation provided by the decoration company. It is better to ask the insiders to check.

2. Don't choose "street guerrillas" for the sake of small things. Otherwise, the quality can't be guaranteed, and it's possible that "money will go to the building empty". Before signing the contract, make clear the required materials, construction procedures, decoration projects, construction period, etc., so as to have a clear idea. Choose a reputable, strong decoration company, although the price is relatively high, but a cent of goods. In the contract, relevant matters such as increase and decrease of items, liabilities for breach of contract and penalties for breach of contract shall be indicated to ensure fairness and fairness of rights and interests of both parties. In case of any dispute, there shall be legal basis.