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Detailed flow chart of the first flight experience sharing

For the first time on the plane, is not the heart very uneasy? In fact, for everyone, the first time will always seem a little nervous and flustered, but everything has to be the first time, so it's better to arrive at the airport two hours in advance for the first time by plane, so what are the specific steps? Let Xiaobian tell you one by one.

domestic departure:

Step 1: check in the boarding pass

When you enter the airport hall, you will see people coming and going, many different queues. See which airline and which flight you booked before. You can find the counter corresponding to the sign in the airport hall. I can't read the sign. It doesn't matter. Don't be nervous. We have a mouth. It's ok if we ask. Go to the information desk to find the staff and tell them which airline you are going to take and where to check in. She will tell you. Just find the corresponding counter and give the ID card to the check-in personnel. If you have large luggage, please check it in here. Most of the luggage within 20 kg in economy class is free. The certificate of consignment is usually pasted on the ticket. The check-in staff will return the ID card and boarding pass to you.

Step 2: pass the security check

Remember to take your ID card and boarding pass and find the security gate. Carry on luggage and backpack, not more than seven kilograms. There should not be any liquid in it, and those cream like cream spray can not be carried on the plane. Remember to put it in the trunk in advance. Please take batteries such as computers and rechargeable batteries with you. To the security inspection channel, there is a security inspection counter at the channel entrance. You will give the boarding pass and ID card to the security inspector. If the security inspector can check it, he will stamp on the boarding pass and return all the certificates to you. Then you can go straight through the security inspection door, carry on items, backpacks and other items, which need to be put into the conveyor belt, just like the conveyor belt for our train luggage passing the security inspection. You go through the security gate by yourself. Security check is OK. Take your bag and go to the gate. (small tip: don't miss your ID card and boarding pass after security check)

Step 3: waiting

After passing the security check, check your boarding pass to see which gate your flight is boarding at. Find the corresponding waiting hall. The location of each waiting hall will be displayed on the airport screen. If you are not clear, you can ask the airport service personnel. Find the waiting hall and rest there. Wait for the announcement to board. If you can't read the information on the screen, you must listen to the airport broadcast carefully.

Step 4: boarding

After hearing the boarding announcement, you can start to line up. At the gate, there will be a service staff check-in. The service staff will tear a small piece of the boarding pass and give it back to you. You can take the boarding pass and follow others on the plane. I don't need to show my ID card at this time.

Step 5: find the location

The boarding pass indicates your position, such as 5D and 11C. The number represents the row. The seats in each row are arranged according to a, B, C, D, e and F. for example, 5D is the D of row 5. The seat number on the plane is marked on the bulkhead where the luggage is placed (above the seat). Find your seat, buckle up, turn off your cell phone before takeoff

Step 6: arrival and baggage collection

You really don't know where to pick up your luggage. Don't panic and follow the army. Everyone has the same baggage claim area. After arriving at the baggage claim area, there will be a display to show which flight the baggage in this area is. You just need to check with the boarding pass. Or you can identify the person who will pick up your luggage on the same plane as you. Just stand there and wait. There is a lot of luggage. If you don't see it, don't worry. It will come out. Just pick it up when you see it.

international departure:

No ID card for boarding pass, but passport. When passing the security check, there will be another customs border check. The rest is roughly the same process. If there is anything unclear. First time to ask airport staff. Friendly tip: it's best to arrive at the airport two hours before the domestic flight and three hours before the international flight. Never be late. Xiaobian has gone to the airport six hours in advance. Don't be afraid to arrive early. Don't be late.

There are many people in such an airport. Don't worry, they will help you board the plane. But remember to ask politely.

Check the information of boarding pass carefully, gate, seat number and boarding time. The boarding time is 1000, representing 10 a.m.

I hope everything goes well with this student who is flying for the first time today. It's hard for a person to work abroad, but life is shining with dreams. I hope you are the one who pursues dreams.