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How can clams spit sand quickly? Clam spitting skill sharing

Sometimes when you cook clam soup, you will find that there are many clams at the bottom of the soup that do not spit clean sediment, which is really depressing. How can clams spit sand quickly? If clams do not spit clean sand, it will easily affect the taste, so let's learn a few tricks.

How to spit sand quickly

The first move: soak salt water

Salt water can simulate the growth environment of clams, allowing them to open their shells and spit sand. Put the fresh clams into the pot, add the salt and water in the ratio of 15g to 500C. C., cover the pot and put it in the shade for about 1-2 hours, if the water quality is too turbid, replace the pot with new salt water and continue to soak. The best water temperature for clam soaking in brine is about 20 ℃.

Second move: soak in warm water

A faster way than soaking in salt water is to put the clams in 50 ℃ warm water, which can be cooked in about 15 minutes! This way can also make the taste of the clams more delicious!

Third step: drop edible oil

Oil will insulate clams from air, and clams with oxygen deficiency can spit sand faster after breathing faster! First pour water over clams, drop a few drops of sesame oil, sesame oil or salad oil, and mix them with chopsticks. Do not put the clams in the refrigerator after spitting out the sand. It is recommended to cook them directly.