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What's the point of Tomb Sweeping Day? More taboos on Tomb Sweeping Day

Qingming Festival is a day to remember our ancestors, but also to go to the graves of some deceased relatives for worship. Qingming Festival is a festival to worship ancestors, so do you know what is special about Tomb Sweeping Day? Do you know the precautions for Tomb Sweeping Day?

What should I pay attention to when I go to the tomb on Qingming Festival

No photos

The biggest characteristic of new and new human beings is that they like to take selfies everywhere. Even when I go to the cemetery, I will send a circle of friends, microblog and so on. In fact, this is a very impolite behavior, which means to despise the dead. Not only that, go to temples to burn incense, go to church to worship is not allowed to take photos.

Pregnant, not grave

In many areas, pregnant women are traditionally not allowed to go to the grave, although this is just a superstition: in the old days, it was thought that the fetus in a woman's belly would cause collision to the dead. In addition to this external menstruation of women can not go to the grave, menstrual blood is considered to be filthy things, the ancestors have a collision. Women in these two stages can't worship or go to the grave, so they should avoid it.

Don't dress brightly

What's the point of going to the tomb on Qingming Festival? When going to the tomb, you should wear clothes conservatively and the color should not be too bright. You can't wear any clothes that are more revealing or especially sexy. After all, cemeteries are places of silence, so you should be in a deep mood when you go to them. Xiaobian reminds us to wear black, white and other clothes. Women who like make-up can only use light make-up at most.

Pay attention to the order of going to the grave

Pay attention to the order of worship when going to the grave. Generally, they go to their relatives' graves first, then to their mother's home for worship, then to their wife's home and so on. Chinese people pay special attention to this. A relative of the same surname can go to a relative of a different surname only after he has finished going to the grave. If they all have the same surname, they will worship according to their family rank.

The knowledge of offering flowers to Graves

Precautions for Tomb Sweeping Day: it is also learned to offer flowers. Generally, there are specific kinds of flowers. In recent years, people have been using artificial flowers for worship, so if the varieties of flowers are not strict. Choose chrysanthemum worship partners to see if there are chrysanthemums, there is a chrysanthemum called longevity chrysanthemum, can not be used to go to the grave.

Don't make too much noise

The grave should be quiet and quiet. You can't answer the phone loudly or insult the dead. Although this is a scientific era, you also think that the dead underground are your ancestors, and it should be despised that they are not filial to their ancestors. It has become a belief of the Chinese people that they visit graves regularly every year to remember their ancestors.