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How to deal with snail before eating? Which parts of snail can not eat?

Snail is a kind of mollusk that lives in the pond. This kind of animal is edible. Although the meat of the snail is delicious, it is also very troublesome to deal with. If it is not handled cleanly, it will easily cause diarrhea. How to deal with it before eating?

Snail meat and intestines are connected, which should also be noted, then, how to deal with snail?

1. Put the bought snail into the basin, first wash it with water for several times, then add water, and then add enough salt. The amount of salt has not been calculated, but until the water is salty. In this way, the snail is immersed in salt water. Because of the stimulation of salt, the snail will desperately absorb and spit water.

2.4-5 hours later, change the water, add some salt, and then soak. See if the snail will spit the sediment again. If the water is still dirty after a while, it means that it has not been spit clean, and then it bubbles. If the water is clean, it means that it has been vomited completely. Prepare for the next step.

3. Remove the snails and wash them with clear water. Pour them into a box, add salt and proper amount of clear water, cover them, vibrate them up and down continuously, place them for three to five minutes, and wash them with clear water. Repeat this step, but do not add salt until the water is clear.

4. Pour the snail into the boiling water pot, boil it again until it is boiling, and simmer for a while. You will see that many things on the top of the screw are floating. Don't cook the snail too long, because cooking it too long will make the meat old. It's like eating a tendon.

5. Take out the cooked snails and wash them in clear water. They can be used for cooking. If you want to pick out the snail meat for cooking, you can use a needle or toothpick to take out the meat, and then rinse it.

Precautions for eating snails

1. When cooking snail meat, fry for at least 20 minutes to prevent diarrhea and parasite infection.

2. The substances secreted by the brain nerves of conch can cause food poisoning, so the head should be removed before eating.

3. Snails should not be eaten with wax gourd, cantaloupe, Auricularia and sugar, or with Chinese gecko and Western oxytetracycline.

4. There may be parasites in the snail, which must be heated at high temperature before eating. And snail sex slants cold, the patient that compare deficiency cold of spleen and stomach at ordinary times had better not eat.

5. Don't drink when eating snail. It is not suitable to eat with bean products, or it is easy to form stones.

Are you suitable for snails?

Suitable crowd

Jaundice, edema, dysuria, hemorrhoids, blood in stool, beriberi, thirst, wind heat, red eye swelling and pain, as well as drunk people; at the same time, it is suitable for people with diabetes, cancer, dry syndrome, obesity, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, fatty liver.

Taboo crowd

People who suffer from deficiency of spleen and stomach, loose stools and diarrhea should not eat; because of the snail cold, they should not eat during the period of wind cold and cold, during the menstruation period and after childbirth of women, and those who suffer from stomach cold should not eat.

Which part of the snail can't eat

1. The tail of the snail, that is, the buttock, is its internal organs, which are relatively dirty. Generally, the parasite bacteria are in that place. Sometimes there are many snail eggs, which are also the excreta of the snail. It's not recommended and tastes bad. It's best to cut it off when cleaning.

2. The tail of the snail is excreta, which is easy to be absorbed on the wall of the digestive tract after eating, not easy to digest, and easy to cause intestinal discomfort.