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What is coco milk tea net red drinking method? Three recommendations of coco milk tea net drinking m

Recently, Coco's Caramel Milk Tea has really caught fire. After being shaken into online black milk tea, the sales volume of Caramel Milk Tea in coco stores is rising, and some stores are even out of stock! It seems that everyone is very interested in the online Red drinking method of milk tea. How can I drink it? I might as well let Sihai net take you to have a look.

But some people also think that milk tea is really so good to drink? I've tried it and it's just like that. In fact, milk tea is really good to drink!!! But there are dozens of collocations in every milk tea shop, which can't guarantee that every one is good to drink, so powerful netizens have summed up a 'net red milk tea collocation guide', learned these collocations, and it's clear which shop to drink well!

Coco milk tea

Coco: Caramel Milk Tea + pudding + highland barley + sugar free + ice

This combination is the formula that is praised as red on the tremolo. The soft and smooth pudding, the crispness of highland barley, and the light caramel fragrance. The coco milk tea is drunk in net red. The taste of milk tea can be said to be good. And because it's sugar free, it's not too sweet to drink.

Coco: Tieguanyin pearl milk tea + highland barley + sugar free + deicing

Coco's Tieguanyin milk tea can be said to be a feature of their family. Coco materials have always been well prepared. Most of milk tea is occupied by highland barley and pearl, so it will be strong to drink. If you don't like too strong, you should be careful. Another key point! Remember to be sugar free, because Coco's milk tea is originally sweet. If you don't choose sugar free, this cup of milk tea may be too greasy to make you doubt your life.

Coco: fresh thyme double sound cannon + Half sugar + normal ice

Yes, the third one is from coco, but this time it's fruit tea. Compared with the two milk teas in the front, fresh Baixiang can be said to be a small fresh in the net red, and it is also a formula that some old coco powder has been stored for a long time. The taste of fresh hundred fragrance is sour, sweet and refreshing. It's very greasy to drink with snacks in summer.