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When will Mingqian tea go on sale? What's the difference between Mingqian tea and Yuqian tea?

Qingming Festival is coming soon. Qingming Festival is also the season of tea before the Ming Dynasty. For those who like to drink tea for health preservation, don't miss it. In ancient times, Mingqian tea was also used as imperial tea for royal families. Do you know the difference between Mingqian tea and Yuqian tea? What does Mingqian tea mean?

1. Different picking time of Mingqian tea and Yuqian tea

Tea before Ming Dynasty refers to tea picked before Qingming Dynasty (before April 4), while tea before rain refers to tea picked after Qingming Dynasty (after April 4 and before April 20). Although the time difference between the two is not very long, it is only half a month, there are certain differences.

2. Different tenderness of Mingqian tea and Yuqian tea

Before the Ming Dynasty, the tea has been picked on the Qingming Festival. During this period, the tea buds and leaves picked will be tender and less disturbed by diseases and insect pests, so the quality will be better. But before the rain, the tea is not as tender as before the Ming Dynasty.

3. The output of Mingqian tea is different from that of Yuqian tea

Before Ming Dynasty, influenced by the temperature, the growth speed of tea buds will be slower, so the number of tea buds that can be picked will be less. Things are more expensive because they are rare, so their prices are relatively high.

When the tea is located before the rain, the temperature will rise, the growth speed of the buds and leaves will also speed up, and the tea produced at this time will be more fresh and thick.

4. The taste of Mingqian tea and Yuqian tea soup is different

The main feeling of tea before Ming Dynasty is "fresh", and because of the accumulation of the whole winter, there are many substances in tea, so the fragrance is rich. During the period from Qingming to Guyu, the tea tree grows vigorously, and its contents are relatively rich, fresh and mellow, with pure fragrance.

In my opinion, due to the scarcity of production, the price of Mingqian tea is usually high, that is to say, 'Mingqian tea is as expensive as gold', so drinking Mingqian tea is mainly for tasting. Relatively speaking, the high-yield Yuqian tea is more cost-effective and more suitable for ordinary tea friends. Hope that the majority of tea friends can choose the spring tea according to their own needs.