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Can I eat the green dough when it's hard? You must know the taboos of eating green dumplings

Qingtuanzi is the most appropriate food for Qingming Festival. Every family in the south of Qingming Festival needs to pack qingtuanzi. Qingtuanzi is made of wheatgrass juice mixed with glutinous rice flour and then wrapped with bean paste stuffing. It is not sweet or greasy, but has a light but long fragrance of green grass. Such delicious qingtuan must be enjoyed by women and children, old and young, but it's not easy to digest. So for the old people and children with bad intestines and stomachs, it's better to eat less.

What should we do if the Youth League becomes hard?

You can put the green dough into the steamer and cook it for 7-10 minutes. Qingtuan is a special product in South China. It is usually eaten during the Qingming Festival. It is made of glutinous rice flour and wormwood and added with proper sugar. The green Tuan is a kind of green food with the fragrance of wormwood. The wormwood in the green Tuan has the effect of hemostasis, and the glutinous rice also contains a lot of starch. Eating it is good for our body Yes, but if your stomach is not very good, you'd better not eat more, because there are more glutinous rice in the green dough, and eating too much is not conducive to your body's digestion.

How to eat when the Green League is hard

1. Be sure to heat before eating. Because the glutinous rice in qingtuan is easy to regenerate after cooling, which is not conducive to digestion, and its nutritional structure will also be destroyed;

2. It's better to eat with bamboo shoots or Malan head. Eating these foods together can speed up the digestion and absorption of nutrition of green dough;

3. Never mix it with fat. If glutinous rice is mixed with fat, it will aggravate the burden on the stomach and will easily cause indigestion;

4. It is better to eat some food that is helpful for digestion, such as hawthorn. Because these foods can reduce the digestion burden of glutinous rice food such as digesting green dough in the gastrointestinal tract, which is conducive to the absorption of green dough in the body.

What's the shelf life of green dough? Don't buy green dough with long shelf life

In the past, the traditional hand-made green troupes were sold separately. Because of the use of glutinous rice flour, a little blow will dry some, not easy to stick to each other. Today's dough is not necessarily made of pure glutinous rice flour, but basically wrapped in plastic film to extend the shelf life. This kind of plastic film mostly uses polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film. Compared with the polyethylene (PE) film used by many people, PVC has better self viscosity and is not easy to loosen after packaging. Although PVC film meets the food safety standards, but a significant feature is not heat-resistant and grease, not to mention microwave heating. In winter and spring, the weather is still cold, especially some old people who are afraid of the cold will eat the green dough after heating, but remember that whether it is steaming with water or turning in the microwave oven, the plastic film outside the green dough should be peeled off first.

The shelf life of frozen rice flour products can be longer, but the shelf life of green dough is not long. It is illegal to add preservatives, just as it is forbidden to add artificial pigments. Therefore, do not covet the fact that some green dumplings have a long shelf life. They can be kept for 2-3 weeks, which may be suspected of adding preservatives. The normal processing of green dough, the shelf life is only a few days, after the purchase should be eaten as soon as possible.