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What are the dangers of smoking? Six of the biggest dangers of smoking are here

Smoking is harmful to health. I believe you all know what harm smoking will bring, and what results long-term smoking will bring. Let's follow the small edition of to have a look.

1. Effect on lung:

Smoking has the biggest impact on the lungs. I believe that we have seen the lungs of smokers, especially those old smokers. Because of long-term smoking, the lungs have become very black. At the same time, smoking is also particularly prone to a variety of lung diseases, including bronchitis and so on. 2. Impact of reproductive system:

Smoking also affects the quality of men's sperm, which is often lack of vitality. Therefore, for the sake of the other half, for the sake of family, and for the sake of family succession, we have to give up smoking ~ ~ 3. The impact of respiratory tract:

Because smoking needs to be transported from the mouth, nose and throat, the harm of respiratory tract is also very big, including the mouth and other parts, rhinitis, oral inflammation, periodontal disease, will be induced by smoking.

4. The influence of cardio cerebral vessels

Smoking not only stimulates the lungs, but also greatly affects the function of heart and cardio cerebral vessels, especially in the elderly. Long term smoking will increase the risk of coronary heart disease and hypertension, which is very serious. 5. Decreased resistance:

Long term smoking will also lead to the decline of human body immunity, frequent cold, resistance will be much less than before, so it is easy to catch cold and so on. The earlier you quit smoking, the better for your body. 6. Women may also miscarry:

As we mentioned earlier, smoking leads to the decline of sperm motility in men. For women, smoking is more terrifying, because smoking may lead to abortion of pregnant women, so women, especially pregnant women, must quit smoking. (it also has a very adverse effect on newborns)