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What should be paid attention to during the Qingming Festival? Pay attention to these nine points on

Spring is the best time to go out, coupled with the three-day holiday escort of Qingming Festival, so many people will choose to go out to play. Next, follow the small editor of to see what should be paid attention to when going out to play?

1. Don't exercise too often. Take care of your kidneys. Don't drink too much. Maintain the liver, don't stay up late, pay attention to the heart.

2. Take part in more outdoor activities to reduce the staying time or activity time in places with high personnel density. However, we should be active and take full rest. Going to places with good air quality can actively reduce respiratory diseases, and try to climb mountains, go to the seaside and go to the forest.

3. Strengthen personal hygiene and wash hands frequently to prevent intestinal infectious diseases. Wash your hands after sneezing and coughing, and then clean them with a clean towel or paper towel. When you go out to a guest hotel, you should use your own toiletries.

4. If it's a girl, take off her high-heeled shoes, take the transparent crystal cup in her hands, go to the balcony, sit in the cane chair, slowly shake the red liquid, and slowly sip the continuous mellow fragrance with her red lips. Only this kind of interesting woman can understand how to enjoy life quietly, and she can bloom as intoxicating as red wine. To bloom on Valentine's day.

5. When visiting and traveling in tourist attractions and scenic spots, try to avoid approaching animals and birds. Because the research found that many diseases are related to the spread of animals and birds.

6. If you or your companion find any fever, diarrhea, cough, shortness of breath or high fever during the trip, you should stop the trip and see a doctor on the spot. Be sure to obey the arrangement of doctors and medical staff. The patients should be isolated from their traveling companions consciously, which is beneficial to their own health recovery. At the same time, it is also a necessary social morality.

7. Common diseases during traveling are mainly digestive tract diseases and respiratory diseases such as cold, cough and diarrhea. It is OK to prepare some medicine properly. If you use your own medicine, you must have sufficient assurance that you cannot abuse antibiotics.

8. Wear masks when traveling, but not all the time. Generally, they are not necessary. If you have some abnormal symptoms, you should wear a mask or if you have any abnormal symptoms in your travel companion.

9. Date arrangement, mainly romantic, Western food, French food and red wine. If your financial conditions do not allow group buying. After dinner, the economic conditions allow to find a space, put some fireworks. (about 300 is enough) at this time, kiss is the most romantic, and the drink is a little dizzy. Generally speaking, you can go boating by the lake, or go for a walk in a place full of trees. Don't go to the cinema, KTV or go home too early at this time.