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Why do you urinate a lot when you swim? Is swimming frequency normal?

many swimmers should have this experience. When swimming, they always feel like urinating, which seems to be very frequent. What's the matter? Why do you urinate a lot when you swim? Let's follow the four seas net to have a look.

Why do you urinate more when swimming? 1. Low water temperature stimulates blood vessels

When swimming, the water temperature is too low, which stimulates the temperature sensor in the body, and urges the body to release some hormones. In addition, when swimming, the metabolism of the body will be accelerated, the blood circulation will be accelerated, the peripheral blood vessels of the body will contract, and the kidney rate filtration will be accelerated, so it is easy to have polyuria.

2. Too little perspiration

Swimming in the water, the temperature of the water is much lower than the body temperature, most of the heat generated in the human body is dissipated due to the conduction of water, so the perspiration is naturally reduced. If the water can't be dissipated in the body, it will flow into the bladder. With the cold stimulation, the human body contracts and oppresses the cystis, so there will be more urine.

3. The function of kidney qi is weakened

Because swimming water temperature is relatively cold, it is easy to cause deficiency of Yang Qi and weakened gasification of kidney qi after entering the water, so as to increase the number of urination and clear and long urination.

4. Pressure of water pressure on bladder

When swimming, the water pressure will produce certain pressure on our body, and the bladder will also receive pressure and make compression, which will stimulate the sphincter of the bladder and make the human body produce urine.

5. Water reflection

The phenomenon of "water reflection" means that when you see or touch water, you will have a urination reflex, which is the natural reflex of human beings. The phenomenon of "water reflection" is very common in our life. For example, many old men have hypertrophy of prostate gland and poor urination. At this time, the tap water can help urinate.

6. Psychological tension or fear

There's another reason, probably because you're too nervous or scared. Some people who swim for the first time, or have drowned in the past, close to the water, the body may involuntarily produce urine.

After tension, the main reason for urination is mental tension, the endocrine activity of sympathetic adrenal axis will be enhanced, which will affect the whole autonomic nerve function of human, and then may affect the nerve center that controls urination of some people, and produce the feeling of urination. On the other hand, when the kidney is tense, its function of absorbing water may weaken, resulting in increased urine production, which is called "tension polyuria" in physiology. This is a phenomenon that many people have, but some people are obvious, some are slight, even can't feel it.