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What day is Easter 2018? Easter egg making tutorial

Easter is a very important festival in the west, which is no less important than Christmas. Many Christians believe that Easter is a special holiday to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. What is the origin of Easter? How to make Easter eggs?

Q: what day is Easter in 2018?

A: Easter 2018 is April 1, 2018, Sunday, February 16 of the lunar calendar.

Easter (the main resurrection day) is an important western festival. According to the Nicaea religious conference in 325 A.D., the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox is Easter. Easter in 2018 is on April 1, 2018 in the Gregorian calendar.

According to Christians, Easter is a day set up to commemorate the miracle of Jesus Christ's resurrection on the third day after he was crucified between 30 and 33 A.D., and it is a festival of rebirth and hope. The name of Easter is also named because Jesus was crucified and resurrected on the third day.

As for the death of Jesus Christ, according to Christian doctrine, it is to redeem the sins of the world; the resurrection of Jesus Christ is to make the believers have eternal life. Therefore, in Christian religion, Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected three days after his death. Therefore, the establishment of Easter is of great significance.

The most representative mascot in Easter is the egg and the rabbit. The ancients often regarded the egg as a symbol of many children and grandchildren and resurrection. Later Christians gave new meaning to the egg, believing that it was the symbol of the tomb of Jesus, from which future life was born.

At Easter, people dye the eggs red, which represents the blood flowing from the crucifixion of Jesus and the happiness after the resurrection. There is also an old custom of giving boiled eggs to children on the street to play games. They roll the eggs forward. Whoever breaks the eggs at last wins, and all the eggs belong to him.

In fact, in addition to Christian rituals, many of the activities during Easter originated from paganism. For example, in Britain, there is an Easter costume parade every year, in which there are national style bagpipes, children's royal guards in the Victorian era, etc. In New York, there will be an Easter fashion parade.

In Greece, there are symbolic funerals of Jesus. Eating Easter eggs is the most important and interesting custom during Easter. Eggs are the symbol of new life. In ancient Scandinavia, when celebrating the spring Sun Festival, eggs were dyed red to symbolize the sun and to pray for a happy life.

How to make Easter eggs?

The egg is a symbol of Easter in the West and a symbol of new life. In the past, people used to make eggs, but now people can use a variety of materials to make eggs. Here we take a look at the foreign friends in gagamatch international dating network who teach us how to make two different kinds of colored eggs.

How to make Easter eggs with eggs

1. Select the eggs without spots (it's easy to paint the eggs). First, clean up the contents of the eggs:

① take a sewing needle and pick a small hole at one end of the egg

② put a toothpick in it and stir it gently (or blow air into a small hole with your mouth), and the egg white and yolk in it all flow out ③ the liquid in the egg flows out, and then wash it with water

2. At this time, you can draw directly or polish the eggshell surface with sandpaper before composition. (if the background color is white, it is unnecessary to apply color)

3. When you draw the picture on the eggshell, you can start coloring. You have many choices: ① use water powder paint ② use propylene paint ③ color pen.

4. We have made a good-looking egg, but for the convenience of preservation (or good-looking), we can apply a layer of transparent armor oil to add luster after the paint on the egg shell is dry!

You can make different eggs according to your own needs!

5. Finally, you can stick your favorite ribbon with glue to get better effect (it looks better)