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What shoes do bell bottoms wear best with? This is the Queen's look

In the 1970s, bell bottoms were all the rage, with their own modern girl style. With the return of fashion, bell bottoms once again appeared on the stage. Nowadays, the bell bottoms in the streets and alleys are definitely a trend, so what shoes are the best to wear with the bell bottoms in spring? The bell bottoms with such fashionable trend are definitely one of the sharp tools for your street concave shape.

Flared pants look good with little white shoes

Small white shoes are the darling of the fashion circle. Men and women eat all kinds of clothes and styles. No matter whether they are floor length bell bottoms or 9-point bell bottoms with small white shoes, they will never make mistakes. Moreover, the simple style of small white shoes does not take the lead, and it can make your real body look very casual and young.

Flared pants look good with high heels

The petite girl wants to wear the flared pants out of the air. The best way is to match them with pointed high-heeled shoes. The high-heeled shoes can lengthen the proportion of the lower body. The flared pants can also modify the leg shape. The matching of the two can help you to create beautiful legs.

Bell bottomed trousers not only bring the retro style, but also have the feminine taste. So if they are matched with pointed high heels, there will be a kind of capable aura in an instant.

Bell bottoms look good with cat heels

As a fashion elite, how can you lack a pair of the most popular cat heel shoes in recent years? The heel of the cat heel shoes is 3-5cm. It's not tiring to wear. It's like walking on the ground, but it's also very elegant and temperament. Bell bottomed pants with cat heels show your delicacy.

Bell bottoms look good with Muller shoes

If you don't know any mules, you're out. Mules are shoes without heels. Fashionable but difficult to control, you may as well change to a pair of high-heeled style, for you to attract countless eyeballs.

Flared pants with flat leather shoes look good

Tall girls wear flared pants with flat shoes. Open flared trouser legs make your ankles look slimmer and more beautiful. And flat leather shoes create a neutral and handsome British feeling for you.

Flared pants + sneakers

After all, jeans and sneakers are the most perfect match. In addition, the trend of sneakers has been active in people's eyes, which also makes many fashionable people create a variety of eye-catching chic shapes. Of course, the premise is that you have to be tall and thin, and the matching of bell bottomed pants and sneakers can wear a casual street style. Otherwise, it will be a bit outdated in the 1980s. Girls with good body proportion can try.