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How to prevent childhood asthma in spring? How to prevent children asthma?

Yangchun March is the best time to be in a good mood, but for people who are prone to allergies and asthma, children will suffer from asthma in this season, because spring is the high incidence period of children's asthma. So how to prevent childhood asthma in spring?

How to prevent childhood asthma in spring?

There is a large part of the cause of asthma attack is climate. When the weather turns warm, the temperature difference between day and night is large, it is easy to catch cold, all kinds of flowers are blooming in spring, the content of allergens in the air is increasing and so on, all of which are the causes of the disease.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to keeping their children warm at this time and avoid going to places with many people to reduce the risk of cross infection. Children's personal items, such as clothes and quilts, should be washed and changed frequently. Experts especially remind that because pollen is also one of the main killers of children's asthma attack, families who like to raise flowers and grass should pay special attention to it. Parents had better wait for spring to plant flowers and grass. Doctors suggest that outdoor activities should be reduced during the peak period. It is important to find out the exact allergen, avoid or control the allergen and its trigger factors, which is not only an important means to prevent and treat asthma, but also an important content of scientific management.

Dress appropriately. As the saying goes, it makes sense to cover the spring with the autumn frost. In spring, we should keep warm, avoid cold and cold air stimulation to induce asthma.

Suitable for access. Spring is a high incidence period of upper respiratory tract infection. In order to avoid cross infection, children with asthma should try not to go to places where people gather, such as shops, cinemas, and various parties. Children who are allergic to pollen and plants should not go to the garden or botanical garden. Those who are seriously allergic to pollen can be prevented from other places.

Go out at the right time. In the middle of the day, midday and afternoons are the time when the concentration of pollen in the air is high. At this time, we should try to reduce going out. In areas with relatively large sandstorm, pay attention to the weather when traveling, and reduce going out in case of strong wind to avoid the stimulation of dust and cold air.

The living environment should be suitable. Children with asthma should keep warm and dry in the room. The indoor furnishings should be simple and clean. Attention should be paid to ventilation and light transmission. Bedding should be washed and dried frequently to reduce the breeding of dust mites and molds. If the room is newly decorated, it must be ventilated for more than two months before entering.