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Why Jiuzhaigou doesn't receive the ticket price of individual tourists

What's the matter with three people driving tourists to Jiuzhaigou? Jiuzhaigou, as a famous tourist attraction in China, has a beautiful scenery. However, since the earthquake, Jiuzhaigou is in urgent need of a period of repair, so it doesn't receive individual tourists. How much is the ticket for Jiuzhaigou now?

According to Jiuzhaigou official release, on March 23, according to Li, Gao and Ze drove separately and took refuge to bring 5 tourists (Liaoning nationality, without tickets) into Jiuzhaigou scenic spot for fun. On the same day, it was found by law enforcement officers of Jiuzhaigou Administration Bureau and Jiuzhaigou public security branch during patrol inspection.

On March 1 this year, in order to promote the restoration and reconstruction of Jiuzhaigou disaster area, the office of the tourism industry development leading group of Aba Prefecture issued the announcement on the opening up of some landscapes in Jiuzhaigou scenic area, which clearly stipulated that Jiuzhaigou scenic area will not receive individual tourists after the "8 & middot; 8" earthquake.

Li, Gao and Ze knew the announcement, but they ignored the announcement regulations issued by the government for the restoration and reconstruction of the scenic spot. They still violated the regulations and brought individual tourists in. According to Article 50 of the law of the people's Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security, the Public Security Bureau of Jiuzhaigou County shall respectively impose 10 days' detention on three people.

Jiuzhaigou administrative bureau once again reminded tourists that the scenic spot does not accept individual tourists temporarily. It is reported that Jiuzhaigou scenic spot has continuously reached the upper limit of daily tourist reception. The Jiuzhaigou administration will strictly follow the principle of "limited area, limited flow, limited time period and limited mode" to implement flow control, and the daily reception will be strictly controlled within 2000 people. The scenic spot receives group tourists organized by the travel agency, and the travel agency must purchase accident insurance for the tourists; it does not receive individual tourists temporarily.

On March 8, Jiuzhaigou scenic area closed due to the earthquake reopened. Since its opening, the daily tourist reception has reached the upper limit.

At present, Jiuzhaigou scenic spot receives group tourists organized by travel agencies, and does not receive individual tourists temporarily. The whole network real name reservation purchase system is implemented for the gate and ticket of the scenic spot. The ticket purchasing website is Aba tourism website,

The implementation time of part of the scenic spots is tentatively determined to be one year, from March 8, 2018 to March 7, 2019.

The scenic area is open in different regions

The open area is from Goukou to Changhai via norilang waterfall, zharusi in Zharugou and Jinghai in rizegou. Among them, Changhai, wucaichi, Jinghai, norilang waterfall, shuzhengqun sea, shuanglonghai waterfall, zharusi and other landscapes are pedestrian tourist areas in principle.

The peak season (April 1 to November 15) is 110 yuan / ticket; the off season (March 8 to March 31, November 16 to December 31) is 40 yuan / ticket. 90 yuan / ticket for sightseeing in the scenic spot (regardless of the peak season). Special groups enjoy preferential or free tickets according to national policies (excluding sightseeing tickets)