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How is April Fool's Day fun? April Fool's Day

The April Fool's day of 'all evils' is coming. It's natural and justified to fix people on this day. Therefore, we must be alert to other people's trickery on this day, but the joke must be enough. After all, April Fool's Day is based on happiness. If the trickery is too much, be careful of friends!

How to trick people on April Fool's day

1. First find a toothpaste with the same color as mustard, extrude part of the toothpaste, fill the extruded part with mustard, and then use it for people

2. Stand in the middle of the road, look up at the sky carefully, and show the expression of surprise, curiosity and magic. You will see that people passing by you will look at the sky, even though there is nothing there.

3. When going to the toilet, roll the toilet paper into a paper ball, spread peanut butter and sesame paste, tomato sauce is OK, throw it to the other side of the next board, and then knock on the partition board and say: brother, wrong hand, can you help to throw the paper over

4. We use three cups to knock the first one and say 'forget', the second one says' love ', the third one says' water', then invite students to play, and then knock the first one constantly and he will say 'forget, forget, forget, Wang, Wang, Wang, Wang, Wang, & hellip;'

5. Grab a few minutes when the other person is not near the computer, cut off the screenshot of the other person's desktop, then right-click to cancel everything on the desktop, and set the screenshot as the screen, which can make even the expert silly.

6. Stir fish flavored shredded pork, Mapo Tofu and other paste vegetables or directly use Babao porridge. In pubs and other public places, please drink Babao porridge in the classroom. One person pretends to be too drunk to vomit and pours out the batter. Others quickly take out spoons to eat and enjoy it. The onlookers definitely vomited.

7. Remove the sandwich biscuits, apply toothpaste, and put them in a conspicuous place. Read books while eating biscuits (camouflage, of course). If it's in the dormitory, someone must be fooled. To strengthen the effect, you can send a cup of boiled water after eating to strengthen the effect of foaming