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What to pay attention to when making ear hole! Is spring suitable for ear piercing?

wearing earrings really adds a lot of points to the image. A little ornament can light up the whole outfit, but under what weather conditions can you make ear holes? It's too hot, too hot, and it's not easy to get inflamed. Now it's the best time of the year to make an ear hole. Let's take a look at what we need to pay attention to when making an ear hole?

What should be paid attention to when making an ear hole? 1. People with small earlobes are not suitable for making an ear hole, because the ear hole made by people with small earlobes is very close to cartilage, which is not only painful but also easy to infect. If perichondritis is formed, there is a risk of auricle deformity.

2. When there is inflammation or skin disease in the earlobe, it is not suitable to make an ear hole. You should treat the inflammation or skin disease in these places before making an ear hole.

3. People who are allergic to earring materials should not make ear holes. Serious allergic reactions may lead to redness, swelling and itching of the whole earlobe or even auricle, resulting in serious consequences.

4. People with cicatricial constitution are not suitable for making ear holes. People with cicatricial constitution can show infinite hyperplasia of keloid like scars after any part of the body is damaged. To judge whether it is scar constitution, we can see whether the scar of the skin will appear higher than the skin after the wound healing before, it is very hard to touch, and it may be itchy, and the scar is larger than the original wound. If people with cicatricial constitution have pierced their ears, they are likely to form keloids around their earlobes. Not only can they not wear earrings, but they will affect their beauty. In serious cases, they need to be removed by surgery.

What are the ways of making ear holes? 1. Electroporation: the electroporation is a high-frequency and multi-functional electroporation therapy machine, which is easy to operate, not limited by the shape of earrings, and has little pain.

2. Ear nail gun drilling method: this method is very common, which is usually used by nail shops. The operation is also convenient, but if the disinfection is not in place, it is easy to infect.

3. Laser ear drilling: generally only hospitals can adopt this method, and the price is more expensive than ordinary ear piercing. Laser ear hole is not easy to infect, and the pain is small, but there will be burning sensation in some parts, and the area of the hole may be larger.

4. Pierce ears: when the equipment is not advanced, we will adopt the earth method. Use a needle to puncture the cotton thread soaked in sesame oil at the selected location, leaving the sesame oil thread. Although the method is old, there are few redness and swelling, and ear holes are not easy to grow and die.

What's the difference between hospitals and beauty salons in making ear holes? Doctors said that the biggest problem of making ear holes in a beauty salon is that it's easy to cause wound infection if the disinfection is not strict. This kind of piercer gun used in a beauty salon is difficult to ensure asepsis. Moreover, it's easy to cause accidents due to aging springs. Hospitals have long since eliminated it. If the operation in the hospital is to make ear holes, not only the ear nails and equipment will be sterilized at high temperature, but the whole process will be carried out in the sterile operating room, and the laser gun will be used to make ear holes. In addition to the ear hole process to pay attention to sterilization and anti infection, after the ear hole, wound health is more important. In order to prevent the ear cavity from growing and closing, the nail should be kept in the ear for several days after the ear cavity is punched. The nail material is related to ear infection. Doctors also said that copper plated aluminum alloy earrings, metal molecules are more active, easy to react with wound secretions, leading to wound infection. Due to the different physique of each person, the healing time of the wound is different after the completion of the ear hole. Some people may not grow well for several months. Therefore, the hospital will help the public with the perforation, and will advise the public to prepare the stable and heat-resistant pure silver or pure gold ear nails, otherwise they can't make the ear hole.

You need to know these things before making ear holes. 1. Choose needle drilling

The first suggestion is to ask a professional hole maker to choose to use "needle" instead of a hole gun. The reason is that the way of "gun" will use pressure to penetrate the ring into the skin tissue, which will cause extra damage. In addition, plastic parts are not easy to completely sterilize! Therefore, the advantages of using needles to pierce holes include more accurate, hygienic and minimal wounds. It's not too painful to correctly perform needle piercing!

2. Correct cleaning method

It's not hard to take care of a newly pierced wound, just use soap and water or salt water twice a day to keep it clean. We don't recommend alcohol because it often causes the skin to be too dry, which can lead to cracking or bleeding, which can make the wound worse.

3. Turn the earrings carefully

It is possible to turn the earring gently, but only when it is clean and slightly wet. Never touch it when it is dry!

4. The ear bones need more care than the earlobes

Making holes in cartilage, such as the ear bone, requires more care, because there may be more problems during the healing period.

5. Pay attention to healing period

When the ear hole wound recovers slowly, pay close attention to whether it heals normally. The ear hole of the earlobe will take about 2-3 months to recover, and the ear bone may take up to 10 months. Once there is no pain, swelling, bleeding and redness, it means healing!

6. Accelerate wound recovery as much as possible

One of the major tasks of the body is to repel foreign bodies. The earrings you just installed are one of the foreign bodies! To maintain patience and take care of the wounds as much as possible is what the piercer must do: soap and water to clean and ice to reduce swelling. Take good care of it, can recover the wound as soon as possible and start changing beautiful accessories!