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Summary of the most comprehensive common problems in the details of the adjustment process of 2018 p

On December 23, 2018, the national postgraduate enrollment adjustment service system was launched. Candidates who meet the requirements can participate in online adjustment. Candidates who participate in the reallocation can fill in three parallel reallocation applications online at a time, and each reallocation application will be locked by the enrollment unit after it is submitted, with the maximum locking time not exceeding 36 hours. If rejected, candidates can continue to fill in other applications. For the postgraduate entrance examination party, this is undoubtedly the second time, because the fate is in their own hands, we must collect more latest information about the adjustment of postgraduate entrance examination.

A summary of the questions about the second round examination and adjustment

≪ 1 & gt; has the national line been set up, and the list of retests for each school has been determined immediately?

A: Yes, how many qualified candidates will be clear soon. The better the school, the earlier the retest.

≪ 2 & gt; it's Saturday and Sunday. Can I call the transfer school to find out the situation? Can I directly ask if my major and score can be transferred to your school?

A: don't think about Saturday and Sunday at all. It's no loss to make a phone call. You must take the initiative to contact. Ask directly, no detour.

≪ 3 & gt; why can't I find the vacancy in the reallocation intention system of trcnet?

Answer: 1. The national line has just been announced, and many schools have no time to sort out the quota adjustment; 2. Intention system is not all schools will fill in; 3. The reallocation system is just a process that must be followed. In fact, some schools can retest first or confirm the retest before going to the reallocation system and then supplement a process. Therefore, we must actively check and contact with each other, not passively in the coordination system.

≪ 4 & gt; some schools have written on their bulletin that they will receive reallocation, but there is no vacancy information in the reallocation intention collection system. Is it OK to apply directly after the reallocation system is opened?

A: it's better to contact the school actively. We can't be passive in adjusting things. We must take the initiative to investigate and contact. The reallocation system is only a formal process that must be followed. Some schools require to apply on their own school website and give you places in the reallocation system when they agree to your reallocation and retest.

≪ 5 & gt; after all, the re examination clothing should be as formal as the teacher said, or clean and fresh. Is shirt + trousers OK?

A: it's no contradiction. I said formally that we should go without sloughing in waistcoats, shorts and beards, not that we must wear formal clothes.

≪ 6 & gt; the school in Zone A is two points short of the national line, can it be transferred to zone B?

A: if you have passed the one volunteer score line in zone B, you can adjust zone B.

≪ 7 & gt; no science line, no engineering line, can I transfer to engineering?

A: No, it can only be adjusted after one volunteer national line. It can't be adjusted after one professional national line.

≪ 8 & gt; can district a be transferred to District B as a volunteer? I see that some people who have applied for the examination in Guizhou are now transferred to Zhejiang.

A: in principle, it's OK. In fact, it's very difficult.

&When did the school transfer begin?

Answer: look at the school's job description for the second round exam. You can also contact the school directly for further study. We must be diligent in adjusting things, not passive.

≪ 10 & gt; if you fail in the second round exam, can you still make an internal adjustment?

Answer: look at the school's reexamination work instructions. Some of them clearly state that they can only take part in one reexamination.

≪ 11 & gt; has passed the national line, but has not passed our school's calibration line. Can we adjust it in our school?

A: it shouldn't work. In school reallocation is to go to the school line, but the higher requirements in the departments and colleges.

≪ 12 & gt; do you need to fill in the coordination system for internal coordination?

A: intra school reallocation can be done without using the reallocation system of the research and recruitment website (in theory, the school will update the data of the research and recruitment website for you after the success of intra school reallocation). You should pay attention to the notice on the official website of the school, which will tell you how to apply. Generally, you should submit an application to the school by yourself.

≪ 13 & gt; my undergraduate course is 211, and my score just passed the B-ZONE line. Is the adjustment cost-effective? Is it valuable?

A: in this case, I personally don't suggest to adjust it. Maybe it's not as advantageous as undergraduate 211 to find a job.

≪ 14 & gt; I've only passed the national line of zone A. I'm thinking about adjusting the general school of zone a or 211 of zone B. I'm very confused.

A: it depends on the employment situation. We need to do more research on the areas where the ordinary schools in area a are located, whether they have corresponding advantages, how about the employment of area B 211, and how much recognition they have in other areas. And it's also related to what companies you want to go to in the future, such as large enterprises and good institutions, many of which only need 985 / 211.

≪ 15 & gt; I'm not sure if I can enter the retest. Will the first volunteer be affected if I fill in the information after the deployment system is opened?

A: it doesn't affect the re examination and admission of one volunteer, but one volunteer can see it. As long as the "to be admitted" notice is not accepted in the coordination system, it will not affect a volunteer in terms of process. In my personal opinion, if it's for the second round exam, it's understandable to apply for an adjustment and leave a way for the volunteer school. It won't have any real impact.

≪ 16 & gt; can I give up one volunteer direct transfer?

A: Yes, but it's a big risk. Few people do it.

≪ 17 & gt; can you transfer to a better school? After taking the 394 exam, you only got a regular 211.

A: in theory, it's hard to operate in practice (after all, good schools have plenty of volunteer students), but there are successful cases every year.

≪ 18 & gt; is it the first one to be admitted or some undergraduate 985 and 211 to be transferred?

A: Generally speaking, priority is given to one volunteer (some schools will clearly write this in the re examination method), otherwise, poor reputation of the school will also affect future enrollment. It depends on the school. Some schools do have the situation that one volunteer is admitted to 34 seconded students.

≪ 19 & gt; zone a is two points away. I'm in contact with the school in zone B, but how can I deal with all kinds of phone calls from the school? What's more, some schools have opened up and said they haven't added places, but today's official website has released places. Has this been determined?

A: it's normal that you can't get through on the phone. It's more effective to go to the website of the Department and find the contact information of the tutor directly. If the tutor is interested in you, it's easy to say in the research and recruitment office. The quota type may have been previously registered, and only some of the previously determined reallocation students can be released. Let's get in touch with each other more. We'll try our best to adjust.

≪ 20 & gt; the transferred school will have a retest three days before the first volunteer. What if the transferred school wants me to do my first volunteer?

A: if the transfer institution issues a notice to be admitted, it will be invalid if it is not confirmed within the limited time. This situation depends on whether voluntary schools can produce results as soon as possible.

≪ 21 & gt; how many days will the transfer school give to consider if it is admitted by the transfer school and a voluntary school has not yet retested?

A: Generally speaking, it should be determined within 24 hours after the notice of waiting for admission is issued (some schools require it to be determined within 2 hours), otherwise it will be invalid.

≪ 22 & gt; is it impossible for those who are not on line in a single department to have a retest? My total score is on line.

A: unless you have a high total score or outstanding academic achievements, you can apply for an exceptional retest, or you will not be eligible. Generally speaking, good schools don't accept exceptions because they have enough students.

≪ 23 & gt; my single subject has passed, but the total score is low, but it is two points higher than the national line. Can I have a retest?

A: there are at least some qualifications after the national line. Whether you can enter the second round exam depends on the ranking of the major you applied for. The national line is only the most basic qualification.

≪ 24 & gt; will the retest time of each school be after the adjustment system is opened?

A: I don't think it's time to inform you about the retest this weekend. Next weekend, it's after the deployment system is open (the deployment system is open next Friday). As long as the national line comes out, in principle, it can be retested at any time (qualification is determined), but some schools like the weekend (or including the weekend) retest, some are retest as soon as possible.

≪ 25 & gt; high national line 65, but ranking in the 50th, only more than 40 are admitted, can enter the retest, do you want to see the adjustment?

A: we can pay proper attention to coordination. If there is not a big gap in the total score of the preliminary test, we should be confident and prepare well.

≪ 26 & gt; can I have an interview with several transfer schools?

A: Yes, not too much, not enough energy, especially for interviews in different cities.

≪ 27 & gt; newspaper's finance major, can you transfer to engineering major? The undergraduate course is engineering.

Answer: transfer in major is the same as or similar to the first volunteer application major; the primary examination subjects are the same as or similar to the primary examination subjects of transfer in major, and the unified examination subjects should be the same in principle. In principle, these two conditions can be met, for example, in some interdisciplinary fields.

≪ 28 & gt; can't you adjust your master's degree even if the score requirements are met?

A: according to the regulations of the Ministry of education, there is only one principle for the adjustment, that is, to cross the national line, to transfer in the same or similar majors, to have the same or similar subjects in the initial examination, which has no impact on the exchange of master and master, but in fact, most schools do not allow master and master in master's key, partly because of the difficulties in English and mathematics The gap.

≪ 29 & gt; can't all candidates of accounting major adjust?

Answer: the candidates who apply for master's degree in business administration, public administration, tourism management, engineering management, accounting, library and information, auditing can adjust each other, but they can't transfer to other majors; the candidates of other majors can't transfer to the above seven majors.

≪ 29 & gt; e-mails to tutors or schools these days and never returns. Yesterday, I called the recruitment office to say "let's wait" and said that if there is a transfer quota, it will be announced on the official website.

A: it's also a normal response. Especially good schools don't lack students. They don't care too much about the adjustment. Continue to contact other schools, adjust not to be afraid of hitting the wall, that is, to strive for more opportunities to come out.

≪ 30 & gt; do I need to contact my tutor for the insurance major? Because my ranking seems to just reach the enrollment quota.

A: it has little to do with which major to test. It mainly depends on the degree of competition. Contacting the tutor even if the reply is basically a courtesy encouragement, it has no real impact on contacting and not contacting. Don't worry about it too much. Prepare for the second interview well. The research background of the tutor is to understand.

≪ 31 & gt; the school has not published its ranking, so it should be able to enter the second round examination according to the previous score line, but this year there are many people who may not be stable. Is there any need to pay attention to adjustment?

A: it depends on the retest time. If the retest is early, you can prepare for it with all your strength. After the test, it depends on the situation to decide whether to prepare for adjustment.

≪ 32 & gt; why is the score line the same for a master's degree and a master's degree?

A: some disciplines are the same in the past, not this year.

≪ 33 & gt; will some recent adjustments affect the enrollment of major, for example, will the cancellation of the Ministry of land and resources reduce the enrollment of land resource management major or even cancel the enrollment next year?

A: at least it has no impact on this year. The indicators are set in advance.

≪ 34 & gt; do you want to apply for exceptional admission before the re examination line of the school is released? What do you need to do?

Answer: look at the school's job description. Now it's hard to break the rules if there are enough students.

≪ 35 & gt; full time can be adjusted now