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Flowers and teenagers have been proved to be stopped because of insufficient funds?

For fans who like to watch Star reality shows, Hua'er and teenagers are definitely a good variety show. But recently, it was reported that "Hua'er and teenagers 4" would not be recorded. Hunan Satellite TV decided to stop the show. Wu Mengru, the program's director, also positively confirmed: "no, don't read.". It is reported that the reason for the suspension is that the funds for overseas shooting and post production are too high, while the audience is in a low state, which leads to over spending, so it is cut down.

Three seasons guest summary:

Season 1: Zheng Peipei, Zhang Kaili, Xu Qing, Liu Tao, Li Feier, Zhang Han, Hua Chenyu.

Season 2: Yang Yang, Jing Biran, Zheng Shuang, Mao Amin, Xu Qing, tranquility, Chen Yihan

Season 3: Jing Biran, Chen Bolin, Zhang Ruoyun, Yang Yuning, Jiang Shuying, gulinaza, Lai Yumeng, song Zuer

It's a pity that Hua'er and the teenagers stopped broadcasting. In fact, this program is not bad. The first season is the warmest. Like a big family, the relationship between members is also good. In the second season, trying to use reality TV to interpret and present the small friction in interpersonal relationship, the network is magnified infinitely. In the third season, literature and art are aesthetic and featured. In addition, the high topic of Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang and gulinaza attracted many melon eaters & hellip & hellip; which season do you like best? Which guest do you like best?

Flowers and the reasons for the youth's suspension

"Flowers and teenagers" is a star travel observation program launched by Hunan Satellite TV in the context of the prosperity of outdoor programs. Although it was questioned in the early stage, its content went out of its own characteristics. The popularity of stars and its strong topic making ability attracted the audience. The beautiful lens language and the small endowment style of the copywriting were even more loyal fans. In the third season, Wu Mengzhi changed from a writer to a director. The definition of adventure season is full of personal characteristics, experimental and controversial. In the face of the downturn of the general environment and the weakness of the program itself, the investment is not in proportion to the income generated, and it is also expected that the program will be stopped after three seasons.