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Why does darling drink milk powder to meet constipation? How does darling drink milk powder constipa

For the baby who just started weaning, sometimes it is not suitable to change from breast milk to milk powder. The most common situation is that it is easy to constipate, which makes mothers very worried, so why does the baby constipate?

Why babies are constipated when they drink milk powder

Why does baby have constipation when drinking milk powder? This is what many mothers want to know. Let's take a look at it together.

1. Most of the causes of constipation in newborns (less than 28 days after birth) are:

Artificial feeding: milk contains more calcium soap after digestion, which is easy to cause dry stool and constipation.

Insufficient milk: if you eat less milk, or vomit more, or eat rehydration of children can cause temporary defecation. In addition, the development of the digestive tract myometrium of the newborn is not complete, which is easy to cause constipation, but also accompanied by vomiting. As long as the weight of children does not drop, vomiting and constipation are normal.

2. The causes of constipation in infants (children under 1 year old) are as follows:

Less fiber in food: cause dry stool, vegetable food can be added properly.

The habit of defecation on time has not been formed: children who have not formed a good defecation law are easy to cause constipation, so we should train defecation regularly every day and establish a certain defecation reflex, so as to form a good habit of defecation.

Mental factor: if the child is suddenly stimulated by spirit, or the living environment and living habits are suddenly changed, it can also cause constipation for a short time. In addition, children with hypothyroidism are prone to constipation, but these children also have other manifestations.

3. Adverse consequences of constipation:

There are many adverse consequences of constipation, the most direct consequence is anal fissure, which can cause blood dripping after defecation and perianal pain. Children in pain after defecation, will not be willing to defecate, which will cause constipation, forming a vicious circle. Children with severe constipation may also cause external hemorrhoids. In addition, children with chronic constipation are often accompanied by anorexia, which leads to malnutrition, mental depression, intestinal dysfunction, which will lead to more severe constipation.

How to deal with constipation of baby drinking milk powder

How does darling drink milk powder constipation to do? Want to eat a few green vegetables more to the child above all. For example: cabbage, spinach, green vegetables, celery, etc., can be made into porridge. In addition, whole wheat bread, corn porridge and other coarse grains should also be eaten frequently. These vegetables and coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and smooth defecation. Secondly, you can choose to give your baby Youduo Xiaoer Qingqing Bao if you are on fire.

Initial symptom: milk powder + rice soup

It's not difficult to solve this kind of constipation. When the baby is constipated, it can add smooth intestine food. As long as the baby is fed with rice soup every day (of course, the rice grains in the rice soup must be drained), it can also be fed with a little fried water of job's tears. Orange juice, jujube juice and cabbage juice are also good choices.

In addition to high nutrition eggs, lean meat, liver and fish, but also more cellulose vegetables, fruits and porridge, such as spinach, rape, cabbage, celery, banana, pear and so on. The nutrition does not favor the meat and eggs with medium and high nutrition, but ignores the vegetables.

Severe symptoms: drug defecation

If the infant does not defecate for several days and the stool is dry, do not take cathartic for a long time to avoid affecting the absorption of nutrition. At this time, we should first use glycerin suppository or children's open plug to defecate. Generally, only half of the liquid medicine can be used with Kaiselu. After being squeezed in, the liquid medicine should stay in the intestine for at least 3-15 minutes to soften the fecal block before defecation. If you squeeze in and pull out immediately, it's in vain.

Some parents like to pick up feces with their fingers, so they should be very careful. Do not use index fingers, only use small fingers, but also dip in some Vaseline lubricant, so as not to accidentally prop up the anal sphincter, resulting in fecal incontinence in the future, with endless damage.

What milk powder does the baby drink without constipation

What kind of milk powder does the baby drink without constipation? Constipation is mostly caused by inflaming. For milk powder, it's easy to be inflamed if it's generally sweet, but it's not easy to be inflamed if it's lighter. For example, New Zealand coreCan, Holland cattle pen, Germany altami and Xibao are all good, but it's necessary to add complementary food. There are some small measures to relieve constipation for you to refer to.

1. Mother can put some milk partners in milk powder preparation to relieve constipation;

2. For babies who drink milk powder, they should first feed two mouthfuls of boiled water before each milk drink, which can be fed in small amount and many times;

3. If you have added auxiliary food, you can make some banana mud and carrot mud for your baby to eat. Generally, eating more than once can relieve constipation;

4. Gently massage the baby's belly with the palm of your hand in a clockwise direction every day, which is helpful to promote the intestinal peristalsis and relieve the constipation of the baby;

5. In addition, you can pay attention to feeding more fruit juice and vegetable juice to your baby, so as to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and improve constipation performance. You can also choose to take mommy's love conditioning. It's better not to give honey water to your baby.