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Is Luna's facial cleaner really easy to use? What's the advantage of Luna cleanser?

Luna facial cleanser is a kind of beauty instrument specially used to clean the face and skin. The texture of silica gel is also mild. Many stars have recommended it on their microblog. Is Luna facial cleanser really so good? Let's follow the editor to have a look.

How long can Luna wash face instrument use?

Luna face washing machine doesn't have a definite service life. As long as the face washing machine can operate normally and the brush head is not damaged, it can be used for several years basically. It can be used all the time before you are tired of it. Luna face washing machine has a 10-year quality guarantee. If you have problems within 10 years, you can buy the same product at half price. It should be noted that some netizens reported that Luna Mini could not be used after charging once or twice.

Attention to use of Luna brush head

If the Luna face washing machine's silicone brush head has been degraded to sticky or foam texture, it should be stopped immediately. Continuing use will not only hurt the skin, but also have safety hazards. Therefore, we should pay more attention at ordinary times. Although silica gel is highly durable, it cannot be used together with clay based cleanser, silica soluble or granular cleanser, exfoliation cream or scrub cream. These substances may damage the soft silica gel contact.

After each use, clean the brush head of Luna face washing instrument. It is recommended to clean the brush head surface with water and soap, then wash it with warm water, and dry it with a lint free cloth or towel. Do not use alcohol, gasoline or acetone based cleaning products to clean Luna's brush head, because if it is not cleaned, there will be residues on the brush head, which will cause skin irritation.

Luna washes the face instrument to use my own oil acne skin. Oh, it's really unpleasant skin! And it's a make-up dog, so it's very important to remove makeup and clean it. Before playing in Korea, I used a brand of washbrush, which has rich bubbles, but I don't think it's useful. For a long time, I considered the face washing brush and Luna at home C. at last, they had to change their heads every two months. It was really a big expense, and I was afraid that the brush would hurt my skin. After all, I was afraid of acne, so I finally chose Luna.

Mixed oil is more suitable for blue, of course, other colors are also beautiful! The appearance is really impeccable, small water blue is just a girl's heart love! And this is very small, I don't know how small the mini is, the travel belt is also very convenient, super light. In terms of function, the vibration is really super powerful. I felt that the whole skull was shaking for the first time. Now I feel very comfortable. And really feel that the pores have become clean, of course, there are also equipped with cleansing mask. Divided into eight files, from weak to strong, to meet your various needs Oh!

I need a converter because I bought the original English version, but I really need to talk about the electricity! It's really a artifact, it hasn't been charged in 20 days. It's said in my notes that it hasn't been charged in half a year. In short, the power storage is too great! Now I use it once a day. I feel it is very clean after washing every time. I also think it's only after I use it to remove my makeup. Feel pore also has convergence, and really very comfortable, like super like!

What's the effect of Luna cleanser?

1. Solve the problem of unclean makeup discharge

The traditional way of face washing is difficult to remove the stubborn residual makeup. Many women suffer from the trouble of removing makeup, which leads to the skin aging and dullness. Luna through the scientific sorting of the dense contact brush head, with the skin sound wave pulse, deep clean skin, clean excess makeup, oil dirt, dirt, but also your makeup free clean naked skin.

2. Resist aging

When a woman is 25 years old, the collagen in her body enters the peak period of loss, and fine lines, spots and looseness gradually appear. Therefore, at the age of 25, we will start to do the anti-aging work. Luna's soothing mode can transmit the pulse through the concentric corrugated surface, promote the generation of collagen and elastin, make the skin smooth and effectively fade wrinkles, and stay young.

3. Improve acne muscles

If you like to eat greasy food or stay up late, too much oil accumulation will lead to pore blocking, causing acne and acne. Luna Luna MINI has 1300 smooth silica gel contacts, arranged in a scientific and specific order, to help you deeply clean oil prone areas and effectively avoid acne breeding.

4. Improve dark complexion

Oriental women have the desire to have fair skin and try to get rid of the dark, dark and yellow color, which we often call "face color difference". Luna Luna actively works on your skin through 8000 pulses per minute, deeply cleans your skin and effectively relieves fatigue. In just 60 seconds, Luna Luna will glow as a star.

5. Prevent facial edema

Facial edema often occurs in people with poor blood circulation and metabolism. Water stays in the microvasculature, resulting in swelling and swelling. Luna Luna through the t-sonic transdermal sound wave pulse, promote blood circulation under the skin surface, effectively alleviate facial swelling, but also your natural tight contour.