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What tea do you drink to reduce your liver fire in spring? What are the symptoms of hyperactivity of

If you have a strong liver fire, you need to drink more water. When you don't get enough sleep, the quality of sleep is poor, or you are in a bad mood and sulk, you will have a rise in liver fire. Exuberant liver fire can easily lead to grumpiness and irritability. In the past, it has great harm to the body, so we should drink more tea to reduce liver fire in our daily life. What are the symptoms of exuberant liver fire? What kind of tea is better to drink?

Symptoms of hyperactivity of liver fire:

1. Sleep is not good, many people often suffer from insomnia. Experts point out that this is also caused by the hyperactivity of liver fire. Because of over thinking, anger will hurt the liver, so you should try to control your temper in spring to avoid being troubled by insomnia;

2. Hyperactivity of liver fire may cause heat to the upper part of the body, or the characteristics of uprush, which are manifested as dizziness, red face, irritability, dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, headache, dizziness, dry eyes, sultry body, thick tongue coating, etc;

3. The disorder of menstruation caused by the hyperactivity of liver fire is manifested as the decrease of menstrual blood volume, delay of menstruation or amenorrhea;

4. Gum swelling and pain, small-scale swelling and pain in facial triangle area, staying up late or eating improperly are most likely to occur this situation;

5. Hyperactivity of liver fire can also cause pregnant women to have bad resistance. During pregnancy, hyperactivity of liver fire can be manifested as bad food and picky food, dizziness and bitter mouth, vomiting and bitter water, etc;

6. The face is red. There are also some people in the heat of the time will appear red, but also accompanied by dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, headache, body sultry, tongue coating thickening and other symptoms.

What tea do you drink to reduce your liver fire in spring?

Ilex Kudingcha

Chinese medicine points out that Kuding tea is cold and cold, which has a good effect of detoxifying heat and removing liver fire. Moderate drinking can effectively treat pharyngitis and constipation, and also has the effect of lowering blood pressure, reducing weight and removing greasiness.

Dietotherapy: mash 10g of Fritillaria sichuanensis into powder, peel and cut the prepared two pears into pieces, add some ice sugar, and then stew them with water.

Drink liver nourishing tea

In terms of how to regulate liver fire, we can also eliminate liver fire by drinking liver nourishing tea. The main ingredients of liver nourishing tea include Lycium barbarum, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, wormwood, honeysuckle, Fructus aurantii, red jujube, etc. it has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, diuresis and protecting liver, clearing liver fire, nourishing liver and kidney, and clearing wind and eyesight. The best time to drink is 1-2 times a day. Take 1-2 bags each time and put them into the cup. Brew them with boiling water. Drink hot after 3-10 minutes.

Chrysanthemum Tea

If there are patients who are upset with dryness of throat and swelling of eyes, they can drink more Chrysanthemum tea in daily life to eliminate these symptoms. Prepare 50 grams of chrysanthemum and fry it in water, then put in 100 grams of Japonica Rice to cook porridge, which can help us effectively remove the heat and eyesight.

For the problem of how to recuperate the liver fire, experts suggest that in addition to the above food therapy methods, at the same time, special attention should be paid to control emotions in daily life, such as anger, worry and so on.

Drink pear water

If there is a case of hyperactivity of liver fire, you may as well eat some pears at this time, which can help us achieve a good effect of burning. But when eating pears, we should pay attention to that the best way is to drink pear juice, so that the effect of fire will be more obvious. Especially for some patients who often have headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, bad breath, two costal pain and so on, we should eat more light food in our daily diet, and also can stew sugar pear to drink.

What kind of tea is better to drink with strong liver fire? Chrysanthemum tea with strong liver fire has the effect of clearing away heat and reducing fire. Regular drinking pear water can play the role of clearing away heat and reducing fire. We should form the good habit of drinking water frequently, eat less greasy food, and less such easily burned food. Regular drinking water can promote the discharge of toxic substances.