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How about weaning the baby in spring? How many months is weaning a baby better?

For working mothers, sometimes they also want to breastfeed, but it's too sad to be a breast-feeding mother, so sometimes the right time will wean the baby, so how about weaning the baby in spring? What are the precautions for weaning the baby?

It is recommended to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months of your baby's life, and then continue breastfeeding to the age of two on the basis of gradually increasing complementary foods.

But in real life, the weaning time of a baby is often affected by the mother's own factors, such as the length of maternity leave. So many Baoma will be weaned before the end of the long holiday, but considering the benefits of breast milk, experts from Jilin Guojian maternity hospital still suggest that mothers can insist on carrying milk after going to work and not wean their babies too early.

In addition, it should be noted that weaning should be carried out in a planned and step-by-step manner, rather than suddenly weaning. The best way is to cancel the breast milk every two or three days, so that the mother's milk secretion will gradually reduce, and less discomfort will occur; at the same time, the mother also has enough time to observe whether the baby adapts to such changes, and give the baby enough extra care to replace the intimacy between the mother and the child during the lactation. Some babies have very strong sucking requirements. They may look for substitutes for nipples, such as thumbs, during weaning. At this time, the mother can choose to give the baby a bottle or pacify the nipple to meet his sucking needs.

And weaning time is best in the cool season after spring or autumn, because at this time the climate is pleasant, vegetables and fruits are very rich, the baby is easier to adapt.

Weaning method weaning should take the natural weaning method of gradually replacing breast milk with complementary food. Don't put some color, spicy taste or bitter medicine on the nipple to scare the child, force weaning; don't let the child suck the fake nipple, which will have a bad impact on the child's physiology and psychology.

Even if breast milk is sufficient, do not give up weaning. Weaning too late, children can not eat other food in time, nutrition will be less and less, growth and development will be worse and worse. In some areas or in some cases, the milk period can be postponed to 1.5 years old, but not more than 2 years old. Weaning should not be too early, because the ability of the infant digestive tract is weak, eat too much complementary food, it will cause gastrointestinal diseases such as dyspepsia, diarrhea, leading to malnutrition.

Precautions for weaning

1. Choose the right time: it's better to wean the baby in spring and autumn, not in summer. It's hot in summer, and the baby's digestion and absorption ability is weakened. If you change the type of diet and eating rules, it will cause digestive dysfunction and diarrhea.

2. Weaning is not suitable for the sick baby or the early recovery of the disease: when the digestive capacity of the baby is weakened, weaning and feeding other foods will cause dyspepsia and affect the recovery of the baby, so weaning should be carried out after the disease is completely cured.

3. No forced weaning: when weaning the baby, it is not suitable to apply spicy, bitter and colored things on the nipple to force weaning, which will cause the baby to have fear and affect health.

4. Take good care of the baby: in the process of weaning, take care of the baby more carefully. Because the baby's teeth are not full at this time, and the digestive function of the intestines and stomach is not suitable, it is better to make soft and broken food for the baby, so as to avoid diarrhea due to indigestion. The main food should be rice porridge, soft rice, steamed bread, noodles, etc. in addition, vegetables, fish, eggs, etc. should not be fried, greasy and cold food. It is better to eat 4 meals a day, and 250-500ml milk or other dairy products should be given every day to ensure the nutrition supply.