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Why do you stand eggs on the day of spring equinox? Do you know the skill of erecting eggs at spring

There is an interesting custom on the day of the spring equinox, that is, the erection of eggs. So why should the erection of eggs be carried out at the spring equinox? I believe many people only know the custom but don't know its origin. Today, the small weaves of the four seas network will show you why the erection of eggs is carried out at the spring equinox. How can the eggs be erected at the spring equinox?

Why does the spring equinox stand eggs?

Spring equinox vertical egg, also known as spring separate egg, refers to the popular "vertical egg game" among local people on the day of spring equinox every year. This Chinese custom has already spread abroad and become a "world game". Four thousand years ago, Chinese ancestors began to celebrate the coming of spring. The saying that "the equinox is coming, and the egg is pretty" has been spread to this day.

The funniest custom of the day is to erect an egg: choose a smooth and symmetrical egg that has just been born for four or five days, and set it up on the table. When the spring equinox comes, there are many games or competitions in China.

According to historical records, the tradition of setting eggs at the spring equinox originated in the Great China 4000 years ago to celebrate the coming of spring. In fact, egg laying is not related to the equinox, which means that the center of gravity of the egg must be lower than the curve position of the maximum circumference in the middle of the egg. In the old legend, it's the easiest day to stand an egg.

In fact, there is also a meaning of erecting eggs. When spring comes, everything is restless. Erecting eggs is a good way to remind people to keep a good attitude and calm at any time.

Why should we choose to lay eggs at the spring equinox? Can eggs be laid at ordinary times? What is the scientific reason for laying eggs?

It is said that it is easy to erect an egg at the vernal equinox because it is the same day and night in the northern and southern hemispheres. The earth's earth axis is 66.5 degrees inclined, and the earth's orbit plane around the sun is in a relatively balanced state of force, so it is easy to succeed.

Others say that the spring equinox is in the middle of the spring. The weather is not cold or hot, the flowers are red and the grass is green, the people are happy, the thinking is quick, and the action is quick, so it's easiest to concentrate on it and successfully erect the egg.

In the book knowledge of the 24 solar terms, the viewpoint is that the vertical egg has little to do with the spring equinox. Because the surface of the egg is uneven, there are many hills. The height of the hill is about 0.03 mm, and the distance between the peaks is between 0.5-0.8 mm. According to the principle that three points determine a plane, as long as you find three hills and the triangle formed by the three hills, and then let the center of gravity line of the egg pass through the triangle, the egg can be erected.

Some experts believe that the vertical egg really has nothing to do with the spring equinox solar term. Because the real thing that makes an egg stand is gravity, it can stand on any day of the year. The secret of erecting an egg is to keep your hands steady and patient, and keep your heart pure.

take laws and regulations lightly

The game is simple and interesting: choose a smooth and symmetrical fresh egg that has just been born for four or five days, and set it up on the table with your hands and feet. Although there are many losers, there are many winners. Spring is divided into the best time of egg games, so there is a saying that 'the equinox comes, the egg is pretty'. The eggs are not beautiful.

According to experience, the surface of eggs is actually uneven. There are many protruding 'Hills'. The height of' mountains' is about 0.03mm, and the distance between peaks is 0.5mm-0.8mm. According to the principle that three points determine a plane, as long as three suitable 'Hills' fulcrum are found, the eggs can be erected.

In addition, 4-5 days after the birth of eggs, due to the relaxation of yolk band, the yolk sinks, the center of gravity drops, which is more conducive to the erection of eggs.


Principle 1: on the day of vernal equinox, the northern and southern hemispheres divide day and night equally. The earth's earth axis tilted 66.5 degrees is in a relative balance state of force with the earth's orbit plane around the sun. At the same time, the earth's magnetic field is also relatively balanced, so the egg has the best standing ability.

Principle 2: there are a lot of protrusions about 0.03mm high on the eggshell. Three protrusions can form a triangle plane. If the center of gravity line of the egg passes through the triangle, it can be realized to "erect the egg".

There's a knack for laying eggs

Method 1: select eggs

First of all, we should choose a big and a small egg. When we stand the egg, we should put the big head down. In this way, the center of gravity will be lower. Like a tumbler, it is easy to keep balance. It's better to have eggs 3 to 5 days after birth. This kind of egg yolk is loose, the yolk sinks and the center of gravity drops, which is conducive to the erection of eggs. When laying eggs, you can't choose cooked eggs or refrigerated eggs. If the eggs are just taken out of the refrigerator, it's better to warm them up and carry out the test again.

Method 2: find support surface

To find the right supporting surface, we did a small experiment. We coated the tabletop with printing mud, and then set the eggs on the tabletop with printing mud. You can see that the bottom of the eggs that can stand will have a plane hard to see by the naked eye. Once the gravity line can pass through the plane, the eggs can stand up.

Method 3: keep your hands steady

As the position of the yolk in the raw egg will also affect the standing situation of the egg, the hand of the standing egg should be kept as motionless as possible, so that the yolk can slowly settle to the bottom of the egg, so that the center of gravity can be low enough to keep the egg in balance.

Spring equinox vertical egg this game is quite interesting, might as well take out the eggs at home and try to see how many you can stand up.