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What's the date when Erlong looks up in February 2018? What are the taboos of dragon head Festival

what's the date of dragon head in 2018? What does dragon head mean? Many people have said that the second dragon head in February can bring good luck for a year. The dragon head is a symbol of recovery and auspiciousness. Generally, Chinese people's habit is to be willing to cut their hair sooner rather than later. So is the way to cut their hair. Xiaobian suggested that you cut your hair in the morning. What do you know about the taboos of dragon head Festival?

It has been said for a long time that the second dragon in February raised his head. In the past, it was said that the first month should not cut his head. It was on the day when the Dragon raised his head. On this day, the Dragon Festival was celebrated to show respect for the dragon and pray for rain, so that the old God could protect the harvest. What's the date of 2018 when the Dragon raised his head?

What's the date of the month when the Dragon rises in 2018

February 2, 2018 rise time: March 18, 2018, the second day of February in the lunar calendar, Sunday.

Dragon head up Festival, also known as spring Dragon Festival, is one of the important traditional folk festivals in China. The time of dragon head up Festival is on the second day of February in the lunar calendar every year. The time of dragon head up in 2018 is March 18, 2018.

Dragon head Festival related taboo 1. After a woman gets married, she should not spend February 2 at her mother's home.

2. Women are not allowed to give birth at their mother's home.

3. When a woman marries, she chooses a woman to see off her guests and avoid using pregnant women, 'turning back' and widows.

4. No empty pot from Spring Festival to February 2.

5. It is forbidden to visit relatives, friends and patients on the first and tenth day of the lunar new year, and not to visit patients in the afternoon.

6. Don't say "close the door" in the shop. Close the door at night.

7. Do not use mulberry ('mulberry 'homophonic' mourning ') or locust ('locust' homophonic 'bad') for building wood.

8. Don't wear white shoes or tie white leg belt or white belt when greeting people. After the death of their parents, they can't be congratulated for a month.

9. Fishermen or boat owners should not say "turn over" or "slide over".

10. Don't say "jealous" or "use taboo".

11. Don't say "broken Li" or "earned Li" in dumplings during the Spring Festival.

12. Don't say "white water" when fetching water in the teahouse. It's called "white water".

13. Peddlers shouldered should not wear shoulder poles (because of "Mai" homophony "selling).

14. When using the bucket to return it to the owner, do not carry the empty bucket to the door. Carry the empty bucket in one hand, carry the shoulder pole in the other hand, or carry the water.

15. The son of CHO, who borrows boiled Chinese herbal medicine, must bring back some food. Some areas are not allowed to return, waiting for the user to pick up.

16. Pour tea and wine for the guests, and the spout shall not face the guests.

17. Ask the stranger the way, and don't call him "big brother".

18. Do not say "buy accordingly" when trading.

19. Middle aged people should not say 41, centenarians should not say 'centenarians'.

20. Brother and di should not be humorous, and should not use others' sisters as laughingstock.

21. Marriage is forbidden to meet funeral.

22. Don't face people's backs when eating. Don't face the pot and table.

23. If you have an uncle in the world, do not shave your head in the first month.

24. On February 2, you should be very careful not to use a knife to cut the needle or thread, otherwise you will hurt the 'dragon eye' and poke the 'dragon eye'.

25. When carrying water in the morning, it is forbidden for the bucket to touch the well side, or it will hurt the faucet. Many places in Shanxi and Hebei avoid carrying water in the morning. It is believed that carrying water in the morning will carry the dragon home. In Suide, Shaanxi Province, carrying water in the morning will touch the tap. Unlucky.

26. Don't grind on this day to avoid pressing the tap. Hebei Xinhe, Shandong Tengxian avoid that day grinding, afraid of the pressure of the faucet. In the area of Dongming, Shandong Province, the mill will be cleaned in the afternoon of the first day of February. The upper and lower fans of the mill shall be supported and shall not be used. Because the local people think that the stone mill is the dragon's head, so the dragon's head festival will lift the dragon's head. Up to now, although no stone mill is used for grinding the surface, it has come to this day. All noodle making machine workshops should stop working for fear of 'grinding the faucet'.

27. Eating porridge and drinking pimple soup is also taboo. Otherwise, it will be hail.

28. Don't eat noodles on February 2, because noodles are long and thin, like long whiskers. Beijing, Henan and other places in February 2 taboo eating noodles, said that eating noodles is to eat Longxu, offended Longwang, that year will be waterlogged.

29. You can't drink porridge or eat rice. People think porridge is dragon blood and rice is dragon.

30. Can't spin flowers, because 'February 2 spinning flowers, rouge dragon hair dragon claw'. Dragon claw means lightning strikes people.

31. Don't wash clothes in some places, for fear of damaging Longpi.

32. Do not cut with a knife, or cut the tap.

33. Don't go out of the house before the sun rises in the area of Wucheng, or you will 'kick the hoarding point' and smash the hope of a year's harvest.