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How to make an appointment online for cherry blossom viewing?

in March and April every year, many people will visit Wuda to watch cherry blossom. As one of the most advanced institutions of learning in China, Wuda cherry blossom is definitely one of the most famous scenic spots in China. Today's editor will recommend a guide for you to watch cherry blossom in Wuda. Absolutely! In March 8th, the big Wuhan Tong issued the "2018 big cherry blossoms free tickets to make an appointment, please finish reading this strategy first" after the WeChat public address. "Fans' cat's tree fish" said at the end of the article: "please go to the best time to see the best cherry watching strategy." in fact, Xiao Tong remembered that he did not dare to neglect it. He was awakened several times by sleeping. He was afraid to miss the appointment to send you an appointment. Big cherry channel opportunities.

That's right. As long as you are a fan of Wuhan Tong, as long as you don't introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend (in fact, you can secretly tell me that several of Xiaotong's students are single, and their beauty is more enduring than the cherry blossom of Wuhan University, and they are all learning to bully bully bully bully bully bully bully bully bully bully bully bully bully bully, hahahaha ~), your requirements are met. Are you excited? Are you surprised Happiness?

In March 9th, the big Wuhan did not send any message on the WeChat public number. In fact, it was not that Xiao Tong was lazy. He was trying to find out the inside information for everyone, and did not forget it until he stayed up late writing his thesis. According to the internal notice of Wuhan University, it is estimated that the cherry blossom season in 2018 will be from March 16 to April 1, and the management mode of online real name appointment, limited amount of free and double verification with ID card will still be implemented.

Big Wuhan Tong just knows too much, hahahaha~

However, Wuhan University had to tell you a bad news. On the morning of March 9, Wuhan University and Ali nailed Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou and jointly released version 1.0 of the alumni information system of Wuhan University. As long as 500000 alumni of Wuhan University have passed the authentication, they can bypass the reservation channel, make an appointment directly through this system, and swipe their ID cards to watch the campus Cherry blossoms. Wuhan University claims to its alumni that it is "proud to brush your face and enjoy the cherry blossom!"

Proud Wuhan University proudly announces the pride of 500000 Alumni

This means that in the season of grass growing and Yingfei flying, alumni of Wuhan University can have green channels to enter the campus to watch cherry blossom (in fact, what Xiaotong students want to say is that there are too many advantages of learning bully, too many, too many, just think about yourself, ha ha ha ~). But non Wuhan University Alumni, can only 'Huashan has a way since ancient times' -- appointment, appointment, appointment & hellip; & hellip; so, appointment is very important, very important, very important.

According to the school of Wuhan University, the cherry blossom season is from March 16 to April 1. If you make an appointment three days in advance, it means that you can make an appointment on March 13 (Tuesday). Wuhan University speculates that it is likely to accept an appointment at 20:00 on Monday 12. At that time, big Wuhan Tong will release the reservation channel on Monday or Tuesday next week, which is still available by sending "Wuda cherry blossom" in the background of this wechat.

Big Wuhan Tong reminds all fans to be cautious when they decide not to go to Wuhan University to see cherry blossom after making an appointment in advance. You should also pay attention to the friends who have made an appointment. Wuhan University has a very large geographical area. It not only occupies the whole Luojia mountain, but also has several gates. And then, out of school vehicles are not allowed to enter Oh!

Therefore, how to take a worthy route to watch cherry blossom is the key. Wuhan Tong recommends the best tour route for you. Let's follow Xiaotong to see the following picture carefully:

Route 1: it is the best to enter from the main gate of Wuhan University (i.e. the memorial archway of national Wuhan University) at the street entrance or the west gate close to the Second Ring Road, along Yucai Road, science and technology road, Ziqiang Avenue, Wenwen Road, Sakura Avenue, Sakura top laozhaishe, teaching second floor, beside the sports department, Sakura Avenue, Xuefu Road, LUOJIASHAN Road, the main gate of Wuhan University (i.e. the memorial archway of national Wuhan University) or the one close to the second ring road Simon is out.

Route 2: enter from the main gate of Wuhan University (i.e. the memorial archway of national Wuhan University) or the west gate near the Second Ring Road, along LUOJIASHAN Road, Xuefu Road, Sakura Avenue, beside the sports department, the second floor of teaching, laozhaishe, Sakura Avenue, humanities Road, Ziqiang Avenue, science and technology road, along Yucai Road, the main gate of Wuhan University (i.e. the memorial archway of national Wuhan University) or near the Second Ring Road Simon is out.

Best Cherry Blossom spot and best shooting spot: when the cherry blossom of Wuda is blooming, it can be said that there is a feeling of fighting for spring everywhere. Especially on both sides of the Cherry Avenue, surrounded by the blooming cherry blossom, everything is shrouded in the fairyland. But the real best cherry spot may be the old house at the top of the cherry tree and around the cherry tree castle. From the eighty-eight steps up, you can watch the cherry blossom bloom, which is the best point for shooting.

Catering and small sales department: for people who really want to play Wuda cherry blossom, it may take 2 hours to play, but for those who love flower, it may be more than 3 hours, and those who are busy with self shooting and photography may take 4 to 5 hours. Therefore, Wuhan Tong suggested that you take the dry food with you before you start.

However, if you want to get rid of valuable luggage, you can have a one-stop service at Wuhan University, Nuo University. For example, the Meiyuan canteen, the steamed cake workshop on Wenti road and the Meiyuan buffet can all buy the food you want. Of course, the creative city at the street entrance outside the school, the qungling square and the catering on the edge of the East Lake are all very good.

Transportation Guide: the bus lines are 608 and 519 of Hankou railway station, 572 of hanyangmen (Jiangbian, simenkou) in Wuchang, 724402 of Changqing Garden, zhuyoushan (Jiefang Park Road in Hankou, office of Wuhan Public Security Bureau), and 552 of Medical Department of Wuhan University.

Metro Guide: exit C of jiedaokou station of Metro Line 2, walk 15 minutes to Luoshi North Road, then you can arrive at the main entrance of Wuhan University.

Warm tip: Wuhan University does not recommend self driving to watch cherry blossom in Wuhan University. First, the street entrance has been blocked since ancient times. Second, no external vehicles are allowed to enter during cherry blossom season in Wuhan University. The best way is to take Metro Line 2, jiedaokou station, exit C, and then walk to the best.