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Can I have instant noodles on the high-speed rail? Why are few people eating instant noodles on high

Recently, a little video of swearing over instant noodles on the train caught fire! So the question is, can we eat instant noodles on the high-speed railway? Many netizens are curious about why many people eat instant noodles on the train but few on the high-speed railway?

According to the express regulations of the railway department, it seems that there is no regulation on whether to eat instant noodles. However, although there is no express regulation on the high-speed railway, in fact, instant noodles are not sold on the train itself.

In addition, as the high-speed rail car has a strong seal, the taste of food is very easy to reduce the air quality in the car, so eating instant noodles on the high-speed rail is not recommended.

In this regard, many netizens said that they often don't eat when taking the high-speed railway, after all, there are other passengers on the train, while some other netizens are against the idea that eating instant noodles is very normal, saying that eating instant noodles on the high-speed railway has no quality is hypocritical. Have you ever eaten instant noodles on the high-speed rail? What's your attitude towards this?

Why are few people eating instant noodles on high-speed rail and more trains?

I believe that most of my friends have taken the high-speed rail and the train, but although they often take the high-speed rail, few of them may pay attention to this question: why do few people eat instant noodles on the high-speed rail and there are many trains? I believe that many people have this feeling, but most of them do not pay attention to it.

So why is this?

Reason 1: first of all, no instant noodles are sold on the high-speed rail, either in the canteen or in the trolley, unless they are brought by themselves, because the high-speed rail car is totally enclosed and air-conditioned. If someone eats instant noodles, the flavor of the seasoning will immediately float all over the car, bringing discomfort to other passengers. And the train attendant will try to guide passengers from the side to eat less instant noodles on the high-speed rail, to create a good environment for everyone!

Reason 2: people on high-speed rail generally have a higher economic level. In today's era when everyone pursues green and healthy, instant noodles have begun to decline. Instant noodles with few nutrients, high salt, high fat and preservatives are rarely eaten at ordinary times. Everyone would rather choose a box of 60 yuan rice. Although it is expensive, the service and dishes are much better than ordinary trains.

Reason 3: of course, the most important reason is that the journey of high-speed rail is different from that of general express. High-speed rail is generally a few hours' journey. As long as you eat some snacks or nothing, it's no problem. For ordinary train passengers, any journey of more than 400 kilometers needs 7-8 hours. It's really hard to survive without eating anything, while instant noodles are the most economical To be economical and to be full.