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Summary of awards speeches and deeds of top ten people in China in 2018 who are the top ten people i

on the evening of March 1, the award ceremony of "moving China 2017's people" was broadcast on CCTV comprehensive channel. What are the top ten people moving China in 2018? A complete summary of the stories and awards words of the top ten people moving China. Let's learn about the deeds of these heroes with

Since 2002, moving China has selected 10 people from all walks of life every year, who are warm to China and moving us.

Moving China follows the tradition of the past 15 years, widely absorbs the views of the audience, and selects the world's most impressive and moving people and groups through a variety of voting methods.

People of the year in 2017

Lu Yonggen: Heaven loves the grass and the world will be fine again

Story: Professor Lu Yonggen transferred more than ten passbooks into the account of South China Agricultural University. The couple donated 8809446 yuan, which is their lifetime savings. The school set up an education fund with this money to reward poor students and excellent young teachers. He said: 'the party trained me to return my personal property to the state, which is my final contribution. Zhao Xingjuan, Lu Yonggen's secretary, said: 'the money was saved by the old couple bit by bit. For poverty alleviation and education, the two old people are extremely generous and donate money every year. '

Award speech: all over the world, the heart only big I raise green. It's the spring breeze, it's the silkworm, and it's the spring mud for protecting flowers. Love the motherland, you have to burn yourself. Rice has roots, deeply rooted in the soil, and you have roots in people's hearts.

Liao Junbo: fragrant orchids give birth to Guili mountains and rivers

Stories: Liao Junbo was born in an ordinary family. He always cared about the masses and their safety. He worked hard to solve problems for the masses with his feelings. He traded his' hard work index 'for the masses' happiness index. The posts Liao Junbo experienced are all the heavy work of "carrying stones to the mountain", which requires more hard work and efforts than others. But he always regarded work as a career and enjoyed it. When leaving Zhenghe, the total fiscal revenue of the whole county more than doubled, and entered the "top ten" of county economic development of the whole province for three consecutive years, realizing the transformation of poverty-stricken counties.

Award speech: People's woodcutter, do not forget the original intention. Go up the mountain to find a way, do solid work, be honest and upright, remember the party's words, and warm the hearts of the masses. Spring tea remembers your vision, green mountain leaves your footprints, who carries the people on the shoulder, the people will put the people into their hearts.

Yang kezhang: the hero returns to the earth, the earth, the heaven and the earth, and the autumn

Story: at 1:13 on May 30, 2015, Yang kezhang rescued a two-year-old child in an emergency during the fire fighting and rescue, but he stepped on the air and fell to the building because of the smoke and low visibility. When he fell from the fifth floor, Yang kezhang hugged the child and finally saved his life, but he gave up his life at the age of 27. Since Yang kezhang joined the army, he has participated in more than 200 fire fighting and rescue operations, rescuing and evacuating more than 160 trapped people.

Award speech: youth with speed, life full of passion. Love this post, fight for death and death several times. This time, the body falls in the dark, but you protect the most cherished flower in your arms. When you are, like the blazing sun. You leave, is the splendid sunset.

Zhuoga and Yangzong: the heart of the village is limitless, the Phoenix is virtuous, and they chant Yu Fen

Story: father Sanjay Quba is an old militia. He has been herding for 34 years and has never left this land. Under the leadership of their father, Zhuoga and Yangzong sisters joined the Communist Party of China. For more than half a century, their father and daughter lived by herding and guarded thousands of square kilometers of the motherland. Father Sanjay Quba often said to Zhuoga and Yangzong: 'if we go, there will be no one in this land!' this sentence, two daughters remember for a lifetime. They know that to protect the land is to protect the country. '

Awards speech: Sunrise plateau, cattle covered hillside. Home in Yumai, the country is China. China is the five-star red flag sewn in the hands of my father, and China is the land inseparable from the feet of my sisters. The plateau is separated by the deep love of ice and snow. The spring wind cannot be locked. The source of the river is in the north, and the heart is to the motherland.

Liu Rui: ten thousand miles of Guanshan Mountain

What happened: Liu Rui's regiment was determined to be the first unit equipped with the h-6k. As a 'pioneer' and 'Pathfinder', he was both a 'refitter' and a 'test pilot', and completed the refitting in only three months. Later, Liu Rui took the initiative to put forward a new idea of "subject traction training", forming a batch of tactics and dozens of assault plans, and filling in many gaps in the use of the detonation-6k operation.

Award speech: take off the feather to change the feather, spread your wings and fly high. This is a powerful weapon for a great country. Cross the Strait, air patrol Huangyan, you fill in the blue of the Pacific Ocean for the fighters of the motherland. You can fly farther as long as the motherland needs.

Huang Danian: a Chinese dream

Story: Huang Danian has been studying in the UK for 18 years and is an internationally renowned scientist. Before returning home, he lived in a garden villa next to Cambridge University, and his wife ran two clinics. In 2008, China began to implement the "overseas high-level talent introduction plan". He resigned in the shortest time, sold his house and clinic, and completed the formalities of returning home. It is the first time to promote the research and development of detection technology and equipment of China's rapid mobile platform and break through the technical blockade of foreign countries, which is known as a model for returnees to serve the country in the new era.

Award speech: as the water and grass of biekang River, back to be the pillar of the motherland, heaven envies the talents. In these seven years, you fight against the clock, overdraft yourself, and let your life shine. The light on the fifth floor of the geological palace comes from the salary pass of the predecessors and never goes out.

Lu Li'an: international meeting, rising in the sun, two hearts in the world

Story: Lu Lian was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1968. She was influenced by her family and had special feelings for the mainland. When talking about cross-strait relations, Lu said sincerely, 'my family history and my own growth experience make me firmly believe that peaceful development must be the main trend of cross-strait relations, which is also the common aspiration of compatriots on both sides. 'she believes that the Chinese dream without the Taiwan dream is certainly incomplete. At the same time, the Taiwan dream without integration into the motherland is like a nap or a dream of a sorghum.

Award speech: the daughter of Taiwan has great spirit. The motherland will not change her homesickness and seize the present to create the future. No matter how long we are separated, we can't change our blood. No matter how deep the Strait is, it can't stop the people's pursuit of happiness.

Wang Yu: the dense forest is full of dark fragrance

Story: Wang Jue, alias' LAN Xiaocao ', donates 20000 yuan to orphans and widows in need of help every year. He has been doing it for 15 years and promises to donate 33 years. The charity received donations and wanted to find the good man. After many contacts, Wang Jue didn't show up. He has been absent from numerous public welfare awards and has insisted on donation for more than ten years. In July this year, Wang Jue was found to have liver cancer. Before his death, his identity was finally revealed.

Awards speech: the fragrance of green grass, the fragrance of orchid, a beautiful person, on the shore of the sea. You use kindness to leave a monument for a city. The fragrance is endless. On November 17 every year, the Leonid meteor shower comes as scheduled. At that moment, it reflects your most beautiful back in the night sky.

Huang Dafa: I have a good taste of Qingling water

Deeds: since the 1960s, Huang Dafan led the masses for more than 30 years. Relying on hoes, steel chisels, hammers and hands, he chiseled a 9400 meter long 'life Canal' on the cliff, ending the long history of water shortage in caowangba. Villagers affectionately called this canal 'Dafa Canal'. On April 25, 2017, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee awarded Huang Dafa the honorary title of "model of the times"; in September, he won the "2017 national poverty alleviation award and Progress Award".

Award speech: water can not go, take life to shop, this is an old Party member's oath for the people. Dafaqu, through the clouds, we ate white rice. Thirty six years, for the dream trek, stiff fingers, vicissitudes of life face, but the first heart unchanged.

Xie Haihua: an inch's heart can't say enough

Deeds: 29 years ago, Xie Fang, a farmer in Hunan Province, was seriously injured and disabled during his righteous acts. Xie Haihua, who had just been demobilized from the army and returned home, was introduced to be engaged to Xie Fang. In the face of Xie Fang's increasingly serious sequelae, Xie Haihua still chose to marry her. In the past 28 years, Xie Haihua has been taking good care of his wife. He gets up at 6 a.m. every day to cook, helps his wife to dress and wash, and delivers the meals to her bed for three meals a day. For Xie Fang, Xie Haihua is her hands and feet. 'without him, I can't live today. '

Award speech: I believe it was decided at that moment. It's half a life's deep feeling to help each other. Ordinary two people, in front of the fate of extraordinary bravery. The longest confession has won the world countless. Sweet heart, life is not bitter, if love, together is happiness.

2017 annual tribute to China

Saihanba Forest Farm Builder: Gao Zhiju's ten thousand years of gentle breeze

Over the past 50 years, the builders of Saihanba forest farm in Hebei Province have listened to the call of the party, worked hard and dedicated in the desert sand land of "yellow sand covers the sky, birds without trees", created the human miracle of changing wasteland into forest sea, interpreted the idea that green water and green mountain is golden mountain and silver mountain with practical actions, and forged the Saihanba spirit of remembering mission, hard work and green development.