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How to eat hot pot pull kidney failure to return a responsibility? Delicious hot pot is a health kil

I think we all like hot pot very much, especially in winter, it's a very pleasant thing to eat hot pot with our friends. As a result, a man has been suffering from kidney failure due to eating hot pot recently. What's the matter? Let's learn about it together with the small editor of

It is understood that just one month ago, a young man from Wuhan, Mr. Chen, and a group of friends went to the hot pot shop outside to eat hot pot, but I don't know why. Since then, Mr. Chen has come home and started to have diarrhea, which is a tossing night, and then he got up the next day, and had diarrhea several times.

Thinking of the need to go to work and the trouble of going to the hospital for examination, Chen realized that it might be that the food in the hot pot is not clean. He decided to go to the drugstore and buy some antidiarrheal drugs, but after taking the antidiarrheal drugs for two days, he found that they still didn't work. The diarrhea didn't stop, the high fever came, and the fever was 39 ℃, so he couldn't even urinate.

Xiong Fei, director of the Department of Nephrology of Wuhan first hospital, analyzed that he was likely to suffer from acute renal failure caused by severe diarrhea. It was found that his serum creatinine value was as high as 700umol / L.

How can loose stomach hurt 'kidney'?

How can diarrhea hurt the kidney? The doctor explained that diarrhea can cause a large amount of body fluid loss, leading to serious dehydration, the reduction of effective circulation blood volume, the reduction of blood flow through the kidney, the decrease of renal perfusion pressure, the failure of glomerulus to maintain adequate filtration rate, renal ischemia, and acute renal failure. This situation generally occurs in the summer diarrhea prone period, but at the end of the year, there are more opportunities to go out to eat and drink, and there are many people who suffer from acute renal failure due to diarrhea.

Doctors warn that people with poor renal function are more likely to develop acute renal failure after diarrhea, and are also prone to hypovolemic shock and septic shock. Many young people like to carry the disease and underestimate the risk of diarrhea, so don't underestimate diarrhea! Patients with severe diarrhea must go to the hospital for treatment.

Don't neglect the annual urine test

"It's not difficult to find kidney disease in the early stage. It's enough to have a routine urine test every year. Especially for the patients with hypertension, diabetes and other basic diseases in the past, physical examination is particularly important.

Doctors said that more than 90% of kidney disease, a check of urine can be found initially, urine related tests more meaningful than renal function.

He explained that kidney problems can be seen in urine very early, when it is likely that renal function has not been affected. As long as there is urine occult blood and urine protein in the routine urine examination, you must see a specialist. Often encounter some patients who develop uremia. If you ask him how about the previous examination, he will say that he didn't pay attention. If you take a look at the previous examination report again, most of them have problems. Community doctors may not have said they didn't care.

It's not a small thing that urine protein has' + '

Usually physical examination should pay special attention to whether there is' protein 'in the urine routine, if there is, it must be treated in time. Doctors said that many people in the outpatient clinic saw a '+' of urine protein in physical examination, and they all thought it was nothing. It's not right. In fact, the protein in urine is the worst.

After strenuous exercise, mental pressure, fever and tiredness, it is normal to occasionally have physiological proteinuria, generally no more than 1 +, which will disappear soon. If urine protein is found during physical examination, you must go to the hospital to recheck the urine routine in a few days after the body recovers. If you continuously check 2-3 times in a month, this indicator is always there, indicating that there may be a problem with the kidney.