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How much is the price of oppo R15 official website announced by oppo R15 spy photo configuration?

Oppo has announced at the beginning of this month that it will release the dream version of oppo R15 and oppo R15. The advertisements of the two mobile phones have even been broadcast on the TV channel in advance. As the mobile phone of the domestic all star endorsement, it is estimated that there will be another round of buying frenzy!

And oppo mobile official website also announced some relevant information of oppo R15, let's take a look!

First of all, the appearance of oppo R15 and oppo R15 dream version should be basically the same, and the details may be different. From the parameters published on the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the biggest difference between oppo R15 and R15 is that different types of processors are used. The main frequency of R15 CPU is 2.0GHz, and that of R15 dream is 2.2GHz, both of which are eight core designs.

In terms of hardware configuration, oppo R15 has a memory combination of 6GB + 128GB, with 16 million pixels for rear dual camera and 5 million pixels for front dual camera, 20 million pixels for front dual camera, 3365mah battery built in, and coloros operating system based on Android 8.1 core. This oppo R15 double shot will focus on AI photo taking, and make the photo more natural through special artificial intelligence algorithm.

The biggest focus of oppo R15 series is the "full screen with super vision". Different from the current ordinary 18:9 screen, oppo R15 screen adopts a longer 19:9 ratio, with a resolution of 2280 & times; 1080, which has a broader vision than the ordinary 1920 & times; 1080 mobile phone. While keeping the size of the thin and long fuselage unchanged, the screen was enlarged to 6.28 inches. Thanks to this design, oppo R15 has a screen share of up to 90%.

It is said that this year's oppo R15 series will be released in the same way as last year's oppo R11 in the form of Zhejiang satellite TV variety celebration, and many stars of oppo spokesperson family are also planning to rush to Shenzhen on March 31. This means that oppo R15 is likely to meet you on March 31.