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What's the right amount of red envelopes for your wife on women's day? Summary of wechat red envelop

today is girls' day, tomorrow is March 8 women's day, many boys like to give a thoughtful gift to the girl they like, but if there is no special gift, in fact, a simple and straightforward way to send red envelopes is also a preferred way for girls, then how much is suitable for girls' day to send red envelopes to girlfriends? In fact, if there is no special gift, Giving money directly is also a relatively simple and crude method.

How good is the wechat red envelope on March 7, 2018

Suitable amount: 3.7 yuan, 5.20 yuan, 8.88 yuan, 13.14 yuan, 9.99 yuan, 99.99 yuan, 7.77 yuan and 77.77 yuan.

However, in the past two years, there are more and more people drying red bags in the circle of friends, and the amount of drying red bags is also increasing gradually. Common amounts include 131.4 yuan, 520 yuan, 1040 yuan, 1314 yuan, 2099 yuan, 9999.99 yuan, etc.

Girls' day wechat red envelope means good lucky numbers:

3.7, 37, 370: the first day of girls' Day: March 7.

13.14, 131.4, 1314: it represents the advertisement of love for her 'life' and lasting love.

16.8, 168: homophonic "all the way", wish each other a lot of money.

52, 520: on behalf of "my love" and "I love you", the simplest one is the most abundant and sweet one.

600: it means that everyone is in order. The number 6 is a lucky number. The number 600 with 6 is an even number.

66 、 666: the meaning of the former is to take the tail number to be smooth and beneficial. The latter represents shunshun, which means to wish each other all the best and smooth.

88, 800, 888: the number 8 is homophonic and "Fa", which has always been regarded as a lucky number. The 800 with 8 is also an even number, which means "Fa FA FA Fa". It means to wish each other a big fortune.

999: on behalf of the long relationship between the two sides.

1001: on behalf of each other, it's your 'one in a thousand' and your heart's love.