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How to tie the spring windbreaker bow? How to tie bowknot in spring

Spring is the season to wear windbreaker again. A proper, generous and simple windbreaker will never go out of fashion. Although the windbreaker is open to wear handsome brand, when the weather is cold or the body proportion is not good enough, the belt is the Savior. Do you know how to tie the bowknot of the windbreaker? Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to tie the bowknot. You can have a look at the paper if you can't!

Windbreaker belt method:

1. The left and right belts are crossed, one long and one short.

2. Pick up the short one below and fold it.

3. Fold the long one up.

4. Make a circle to form the central part of the bow.

5. Bend the long belt upward to form the other side of the bow.

6. Insert the bent part into the middle knot to form the prototype of the bow knot.

7. Tighten up and tidy up.