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When will Apple iPhone 9 be released? IPhone 9 design concept map preview

Apple's iPhone X has launched a new LCD design, and then major mobile phone manufacturers, both at home and abroad, have followed the example of the LCD design and launched many new phones, all of which have achieved good results. Is apple 9 looking forward to apple powder? Recently, a group of design concept drawings about iPhone 9 have been exposed. Let's take a look.

The iPhone 9 concept design is mainly aimed at three aspects: the screen, convex lens and the fragile body. First of all, the front and back screens are designed with comprehensive glass. The screen body is designed with 6.46-inch AMOLED screen. The ratio of height to width of the screen is 18:9. The resolution reaches 4K level, and the proportion of the screen reaches 96%. Although the upper and lower frame design is retained, the beauty of the mobile phone can also be reflected.

As can be seen from the conceptual design diagram, the iPhone 9 is designed with a single front lens. It is said that the effective pixel of this lens is 13 million pixels, supporting 6x optical zoom, and the aperture is f / 2.2. It supports HDR self shooting function and 1080p video recording. The recording effect is very good.

As can be seen from the conceptual design diagram, this iPhone 9 is designed with two lenses at the back, continuing the design of the iPhone x, arranged vertically, and a flash under the two lenses. It is said that the two lenses are equivalent lenses, with an effective pixel of 28 million pixels, 10x Optical Zoom, and support 4K video recording.

In terms of configuration, Apple should adopt A12 processor, 6GB low configuration and 8GB high configuration running memory, 128GB / 256gb storage space, which is very powerful in performance. It is expected to adopt these configurations.

As can be seen from the conceptual design, this iPhone 9 phone cancels the design of solid keys, and does not design other accessories on the lower frame while retaining the lower frame. But with the off screen fingerprint unlocking module, this configuration and design is not exactly the same as the iphonex, but it is also a good mobile phone.

It can be seen from the conceptual design that the iPhone 9 is made of glass, metal frame, wireless charging module and fast charging technology. After all, Apple phone has many Apple fans, especially in the color value.

This iPhone is very good in terms of performance and configuration. Do you expect this configuration? If this iPhone is really on the market, how much do you think the price is appropriate? If this iPhone is really on the market, will you support the purchase?

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