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Can the baby be weaned in March? Best weaning season for baby

For many working mothers, when to wean the baby is a more disturbing thing. We should not only take into account the nutrition absorption of the baby, but also do not want to carry milk so hard. When is the best time to wean the baby? How many months can the baby wean?

The harm of early weaning

The harm of infant malnutrition is very great. It will not only affect the physical development, but also affect the nervous system and intelligence development, and may increase the risk of some chronic diseases in adulthood. Therefore, for urban mothers, it is necessary to strengthen the concept of breastfeeding, scientifically feed their children according to the laws of child development, and try to make the time for infants to obtain breastfeeding reach 6 months (10 months is the most ideal), and pay attention to timely add complementary food to prevent children from partial and selective feeding.

How long is the best time to breastfeed

The World Health Organization recommends that infants be exclusively breastfed six months ago, and that between six months and two years of age or longer, they continue to be breastfed with other foods. Generally, if the mother chooses to wean her baby completely at 8 months, she can gradually reduce the number of breast-feeding from 6 months and replace it with complementary food.

Breastfeeding time for professional mothers: the latest maternity leave in China is 98 days, which means that many new mothers have to go to work during the breastfeeding period. For professional mothers, breastfeeding to about 1 year old is the best.

Xiaobian believes that continuing breastfeeding is also a good way to keep a close relationship between a professional mother and her baby, to make up for the time when a mother is not with her baby, so a professional mother should pay attention to the time of breastfeeding, and not wean her baby prematurely because of work.

Pay attention to the weaning season

The best weaning season is spring and Autumn Festival to avoid weaning in summer. Spring and autumn temperature is not high or low, it is more suitable for weaning the baby, and the baby is also easy to adapt.

1. When the baby is weak or sick, especially the baby with allergic constitution or intestinal problems, it is recommended to breastfeed to over 1 year old.

2. When feeding the baby, you can use the nipple protective cover to avoid the pain caused by the inflammation of the nipple and prevent the baby from biting the mother's nipple.

3. If the baby who eats breast milk is lack of calcium in clinical examination, it can not be supplemented with calcium. At this time, the lack of calcium is actually lack of vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus conversion problems.