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How to deal with baby's nasal congestion in winter

How to deal with baby's nasal congestion in winter

Four seas network: as soon as the weather enters winter, due to the frequent sudden drop of temperature, many babies will catch a cold once they are not careful, usually accompanied by runny nose, stuffy nose and other symptoms. Stuffy nose is the most uncomfortable thing for children, and it is difficult to breathe, so what should babies do with cold and stuffy nose? Let's take a look at the tips to relieve the stuffy nose!

How does baby nose jam alleviate?

1. Baby's stuffy nose may be distressed due to poor breath. At this time, please hold baby upright and take side position after baby falls asleep, which can reduce baby's stuffy nose.

2. For the nasal obstruction caused by the baby's cold, it is necessary to keep the baby warm and keep warm in time, increase the indoor temperature or add clothes to the baby, which is conducive to relieve the nasal obstruction.

3. Clean up the foreign matters in the nasal cavity of the child in time. It is easy to form scabs when the nose is running for a long time. Be careful when cleaning.

4. Baby's nose can be washed with normal saline.

The above is just a way to relieve nasal congestion, not to treat the disease, the baby needs to go to the hospital in time for a cold.