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The origin of the custom of eating dumplings in the winter solstice what other customs are there in

Jiaozi is a traditional Chinese food. Every winter solstice has the custom of eating dumplings, so do you know how the custom of eating dumplings comes from? According to the research, the winter solstice is dumplings, which is not to forget the grace of 'doctor' Zhang Zhongjing 'Quhan Jiaoer soup'. So is that true?

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, when Zhang Zhongjing, a famous doctor in Nanyang, was an official in Changsha, he met with a local plague rampant. Zhang Zhongjing, who loved the people as his son, built a big pot at the Yamen entrance and gave up medicine to save people. After returning home, Zhang Zhongjing still thought about the poor people who suffered from hunger and cold. On the day of the winter solstice, he gave up medicine to the poor according to the method in Changsha. Zhang Zhongjing's medicine is called "Quhan Jiaoer soup". He uses mutton, pepper and some Quhan herbs to cook and cut them into pieces. He wraps the dough in the shape of an ear and cooks them in a pot for the patients to eat. People eat Quhan decoction, the blood is smooth, the ears are warm, and the disease is cured. Later generations learned the appearance of "Jiao Er" and wrapped it into food, also known as "Jiaozi" or "flat food". Today, dumplings have become a must eat food in the winter solstice, and eating dumplings in the winter solstice has become an annual custom.