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How about the overtime wage on New Year's Day 2018? What days do you pay triple for overtime on New

New Year's Day is coming soon. For office workers, the most concerned issue is how to calculate overtime wage when they work overtime on New Year's day. According to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the employer must pay overtime wage when they work overtime on national holidays. How many days is overtime pay on New Year's day?

How many days is the legal holiday on New Year's Day 2018?

According to the relevant regulations of the state, new year's Day is open for three days, namely, new year's day, December 30 and 31.

How much overtime can I get on New Year's Day 2018

Only January 1 is a national holiday, and the other two days are the two days before and after the weekend. Therefore, the overtime on the first day is the overtime on national holidays, and overtime pay (calculated by 300%) must be paid. For the other two days, the overtime is on weekends, and the enterprise shall decide whether to arrange or pay the overtime pay.