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How different are the girls in the north and south? This article tells you

Many Chinese people have different regions, so what do you know about the difference between the girls in the north and the south? Compared with the charming and lovely girls in the south, the girls in the north are more free and easy. Here's a small editor to show you the difference between the girls in the South and the North!

1. As we all know, there is a gap between the average height of people in the South and the north. Girls in the north are taller, about 165-173. I have a female friend who is about 167 in height. She goes to the northern cities to play. She says that she often sees more than 165 girls, many of whom are 175, but less than 160. Girls in the South should be smaller, about 158-163. But I feel that the height of the children is getting higher and higher recently. As far as my middle school is concerned, there are more than 160 girls and 170 girls.

2. Kids in the North know that they are more forthright, girls are naturally more 'women and men', and girls in the south are more gentle. But you know, Sichuan, Hunan, Chongqing & hellip & hellip; girls are spicy, and different family education has different children, so it can only be said roughly.

3. Looks are actually not easy to say. After all, looks are determined by genes and environment. The post I saw before said that the big eyes and double eyelids of girls in the north and the small eyes and single eyelids of girls in the south are really black. But it can be pushed out by the environment. For example, when I think of girls in the south, I think of the elegant, gentle and dignified looks. The north is the sexy and big looks, but each has its own beauty.

4. In fact, I think the dialect in the north is not much different from Mandarin, at least it is better to understand than many words in the south. Like me from the south, I only think that Sichuan dialect is better understood than other Zhejiang and Guangdong dialects. It is because of different accents that I think people have different personalities, and I feel that southerners are soft to speak.

5. Do all people think Cantonese dare to eat anything? But seriously, I think Southern food is more refined than northern food. Perhaps because of the climate in the south, there are more vegetables. Later, the economic center of gravity shifted southward, and the population moved southward, so they ate more. It is said that the cooking skills of girls in the south are better than those in the north, and they are more virtuous and caring for their families. However, I think it's fake. After all, I don't know how to cook.

6. It's estimated that the girls in the north are relatively taller, with more styles and fashion. Southern girls should be more simple, elegant and lovely.

7. The number of baths they said: because the south is more humid, the number of baths in the north is less than that in the south?! in summer, when it's hottest, they wash three times a day & hellip; & hellip; want to know how the girls in the South survived.

8. They say to their boyfriends that because there are more male chauvinism in the north, girls in the north are straightforward in character, but they will overcome their hardness with softness, but they are also impulsive to cut people. The southern boys' ears' are more, so the southern girls, though gentle, have some little willfulness. North girls speak straight, South girls are reserved, especially when it comes to boyfriends.

9. The way of bathing is different in the South and the north. In the south, you just wash your body with water and then dry it. In the north, people usually wipe their bodies with a thing called a bath towel to remove the dryness. Really?

10. Skin says that the skin of Southern girls is darker in the south, and whiter in the north. Most of the girls in the north are white.

11. The temperament type is beautiful in the north and beautiful in the south.